Sunday, 2 March 2014

my Burger Lab, Taman OUG

Ever since I've entered the third sem of A-Levels, the frequency of me having a meal with my family dwindled. I spend most of my time in college/cafes studying with my friends. My wallet is getting thinner and my waistline is getting thicker as I've been eating out & spending money on snacks with my friends really often.

So the weekends came, and mum & dad told me to take a break from studying. They took me out in the afternoon to my favourite Banh Mi shop @ Damansara Uptown. I casually mentioned to them that I am craving for my burger lab and I have a buy one free one burger lab voucher that is only applicable to the OUG's branch we are! #bestparentsever
my Burger Lab OUG branch is located directly opposite of Plaza OUG. It was really easy to spot the lab thanks to its distinctive sign board.
The menu @ OUG's lab has a creative twist added to it. Mum complained that it was hard to read though haha.
The OUG lab has only one floor hence we couldn't get a seat after ordering due to the crowd. However, we do not need to "book" our own seats thanks to the systematic & efficient system carried out by the staffs. The staffs will seat the patrons according to their order number to ensure a fair & efficient seating :) Kudos to my burger lab!

OUG's lab has this awesome remote which is actually the soft drinks dispenser!
Looks cool, doesn't it? :D
Despite the huge crowd it wasn't long till we got our orders
Beautiful Mess 5.0 RM18
Beef Patty, Deep Fried Portobello Mushroom, Sharp Cheddar, Sunny Side Up
My Burger Lab's all-time best selling burger. The creamy egg, crunchy on the outside & juicy inside portobello mushroom & the tender & juicy beef patty are for the win! The best combination ever!
Hangover RM16
Beef patty, crunchy hash brown & maple syrup
My first time trying the Hangover Burger and I loved it! The crunchy-ness of the hash brown goes so well with the sweet maple syrup & juicy beef patty. I'm really impressed!
A+ RM16
Chicken Breast, Cheddat, Caramelized Onions, Shitake & Enoki Mushrooms
Dad was disappointed as the patty served was chicken, not beef. But nevertheless he enjoyed the chicken patty too as it was tender and juicy.
Happy girl with her burger.

I'd still prefer Seapark's lab over OUG's. The burger bun served @ OUG wasn't as fluffy as Seapark's. And the patty served at OUG seems smaller, correct me if I'm wrong. I was still feeling hungry after devouring my burger so mum offered me half of hers :X Not sure whether I was really that hungry, or maybe it was caused by A-Levels stress IDK. I prefer the fries served @ Seapark too as the ones @ OUG is inclined towards the crispy side. 
On another note, I've activated my Awesome Card :D Anyone interested in it? PM me :D 

my Burger Lab (OUG Branch)
8, Jalan Awan Hijau, 
Taman OUG, 58200 KL.

Business Hour:
Mon-Fri: 5:00pm till 10:15pm (last call)

Sat-Sun: 11:00am till 10:15pm (last call)

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