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Epicuro, Damansara Uptown


14th of March, White Valentines Day. White Valentines Day is basically the day where one prepare a gift to those who gave a gift to that respective person. After a sangat imba sekali Valentines Day celebration planned by Guan Ren (part 1/part 2), I decided to buy him dinner on White's Day. Although Guan Ren made it clear to me to not splurge or get stressed out on planning this day, I still got a little worrisome as usual, and I wrote down a whole list of places we could try out, did my research and such, and finally found a suitable place:

Epicuro, Damansara Uptown.
A very dark picture of the facade of the building, because the blinds were down. If you pass by Uptown area in the morning, you'll notice this little corner lot cafe has quite an eye-catching facade. Greyish walls & yellow block letters with the "O" standing out among all alphabets.

Now there was a few reasons on why I choose this place. 1st, the exterior was quirky and that perked my interest in dining in here, 2nd, this place serves pork, 3rd there's a groupon deal going on! RM80 voucher for only RM40! 4th, initially I wanted to drive so I choose Uptown because it is the nearest area in my list of places to go cause my mum is super paranoid when I drive. But Guan Ren was the one that drove in the end because I haz no car to use #epikfailgirlfriend T_T 

The interior of Epicuro- minimalistic yet sleek. The walls were painted black, giving the place a mysterious feel. The yellow metal chairs was a total contrast to the black walls, yet it fits in so well. 

I made a reservation earlier just in case and I'm glad that I did! It was a full house on that night! We waited for a while before we were shown to our seat though because there was only one staff on shift. 

For  the menu please do refer to their Facebook Page! The food item served at Epicuro is still quite limited for now, but there will be expanding their menu soon, that's what I heard :) 

Guan Ren & I chatted after we made our order. 10 minutes passed...then 20 minutes. My stomach was grumbling as if there's an earthquake going on in my stomach. Then we realize that the patrons from another table who came in later than us got their food already. I was about to lodge a complain to the waiter but Guan Ren told me "Chill la! Can talk longer ma!" 

The waiter noticed something amiss and he apologized to us. He reassured us that our food will be served in 10 minutes time and it did!
Soup of the Day RM12.90
I forgotten to ask the waiter for the exact name of this soup because he was quite busy as well, being the only person on shift. The waiter gave a vague description of the soup- vegetables blended with a pinch of curry powder, topped with some almond flakes. Sounds a little exotic, but Guan Ren and I decided to go for it because it sounds special.
 Look at the consistency of the soup- thick & wholesome. Each mouthful was marverlous! Packed full of flavours, this creamy soup won our heart. Still wondering what soup was it though hahaha. I'm guessing it's a winter vegetable soup? But I couldn't be sure. A must-order dish!
Chorizo Pesto Crostini RM12.90
Chorizo & pesto topped on sliced baguette. When this dish was served to us I was a little vary on how it would taste like because it looked different from what I expected.
Glad to say that it definitely did not disappoint!
The chorizos had a touch of saltiness and a tinge of sourness and it was indeed well marinated. It tasted a little bit greasy when eaten on its own. That's why it was served on the sliced baguette, & topped with some pesto sauce. The baguette slices mellow the greasiness by absorbing the lard oil, striking a perfect balance in flavour. The pesto was perfect.
Just felt that this dish was lacking in something..perfect a little crunch. Maybe if the baguettes were toasted it'd be complete :)

And here comes the main!
Pork Chop RM28.90
Two slabs of pork chop served with creamy mushroom sauce, served with a side of salad & croquettes
The slabs of meat was tender & juicy, with bones still attached. Guan Ren sliced through the meat effortlessly (not me because I am a left-hander when it comes to cutleries). No "I-chew-100-times-but-the-meat-wouldn't-break-up-into-smaller-pieces" for this pork chop! The white sauce that accompanied the meat was a little diluted, but in the end it was still a satisfying dish that still have room for improvement :)

The croquettes served on the side was great alternative to the conventional french fries/mashed potatoes. As I sink my teeth into the croquettes, a sense of delightfulness run through me. Crisp on the outside, and oh-so-soft-and-fluffy on the inside. I loved it a lot! Although it tasted a little dry as I stuff the fourth piece of croquette into my mouth because I ran out of sauce boohoo.
Spaghetti Carbonara RM18.90
Spaghetti tossed with carbonara sauce, topped with chopped bacons & a poached egg.
First off, my favourite poached egg test. The egg was perfect- with the yolk still runny, we mixed the spaghetti with the egg.
 Each strand of noodle was cooked till perfection. This dish was brilliant. The carbonara sauce was kept minimal, but it wasn't dry at all, in fact I felt that the amount of sauce was just nice. The bits of bacons scattered around the pasta gave the dish an extra bite & flavour. The runny egg? Oh, I don't need to get to that part.

We had a really satisfying dinner and we called for the bill as there was still a dessert place in our agenda. The waiter showed us our bill which amount to RM73+. He pointed out that we still have a RM7 balance for my voucher. I was dumbfounded as I remember I calculated everything before we made out orders and it adds up to RM80. Took a looks at the receipt and oh, NO TAXES.
So happy me skipped to the cakes display. I stared at the displays for about...2 3 minutes? Because it was such a tough decision, picking only ONE cake as all four of em looks sooo tempting. In the end, we choose the Chunky Monkey cake because it seems like the "healthiest" & not-so-filling alternative (because we still wanted desserts after this!)

Chunky Monkey RM12.90

Because of the layers of banana, I felt less guilty when I was devouring this cake. The cake has such a fine balance between the layers of fresh cream, rich & dense chocolate cake, sweet caramelized banana, chocolate-y chocolate ganache & nutty chopped nuts topping. Ahhh, such a wonderful creation! The layer of chocolate cake was a little dry, just a little, but the fresh cream & banana layer made up for it =)

Happy girl with her cake :)

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
The service was really pleasant. The staffs were friendly & welcoming, but there was a some hiccups as Epicuro was under staff on that night. The food was hearty & wholesome. Some hits & misses , but it was a very satisfying experience overall!

Verdict: I'm definitely coming back again! =) I would love to try out their breakfast/brunch set one day!

20G, Jalan SS21/35
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya

Business Hours:
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-11pm
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number: 03-77333110
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