Monday, 31 March 2014

Coffee 5 Cups, Plaza Damas 3

After a lovely meal & coffee at The Brew Culture, being our first time here, Guan Ren & I decided to explore around Plaza Damas & Hartamas Shopping Centre. We were looking for another cafe to chill around, as we felt that it'd be a waste if we don't try out antother cafe, having travelled so far during our trials week :P

This cosy place with a quirky name caught our attention so we decided to go for it...
Coffee 5 Cups, a little coffee shop tucked at the far end corner of Plaza Damas, is managed by a husband & wife team. Heard that the wife is a Japanese lady hence explains the cutesy theme of this cafe.

The full menu is available on their website (link). You can see that the choices of food served are pretty much Japanese-fusion, with yakiniku, salmon & teriyaki chicken dominating the menu.
A paranomic view at the balcony of the cafe. The weather was fairly good so Guan Ren & I decided to have our tea time over there. Gentle breeze blowing against us, peaceful sound of birds chirping, soft music playing in the background, and also lots of privacy- the balcony seating is one of the best dating spot one could ever ask for :P

Forgotten to snap some photos of the interior because we were seated outdoors whoops.
Various proverbs of coffee were seen on their glass walls.
The cakes served at Coffee 5 Cups are baked fresh daily by the owners, using their home made recipe. The choices of cakes served daily is pretty limited though, to maintain their QC, I suppose?
Yes, the name of the cafe is "Coffee 5 Cups" but we decided to try out their Hokkaido Cheese Cake & Japanese Tea instead of their coffee because we're feeling Japanese.
Hokkaido Souffle Cheese Cake RM7.50 
Dense in texture, rich in taste. The Hokkaido Souffle cheese cake has a rich & sharp cheese taste that sets to arouse your taste buds. A must-try for those who prefer food with a rich & heavy taste. :) Not the best cheese cake I've ever tasted but good enough to satisfy my cravings.

Iced Mugi Cha RM4.50
Japanese Roasted Barley Tea.
The mugicha was a delight! It has a distinctive aromatic smoked taste that was really enjoyable. A cooling & refreshing drink to be enjoyed at the balcony.

And of course, a breathtaking view calls for a photo together :) 
Coffee 5 Cups is definitely the place where you'd want to sit back & relax, & clear your mind. So peaceful & quaint, I'd love to sit by the balcony the whole day, while sipping on tea. Oh and service was really pleasant too :) 

Coffee 5 Cups
No B-0-17,
Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 11am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am – 9pm
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number: +603 6206 5451
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