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CAFFEine, Setia Walk

Because of the Water Rationing plans being carried out, Guan Ren and I were in a quandary, choosing a place to study & have a cuppa. We headed to Setia Walk after finding out that that area has water supply on that day. I remembered that we once came across to this quaint little cafe located on the second floor of Setia Walk that seems like a nice place to have a cuppa with the name "Caffe--something". We walked up & down, left & right, searching high and low for this cafe and finally found it (after almost exploring the whole of Setia Walk)- CAFFEine.
CAFFEine, a little cafe nesteld on the second floor of Setia Walk (Next to Bonbori Japanese Cuisine). As this store easily fall on the "blind spot" of a passer-by's eyes, it was really hard locating it, especially to us who weren't familiar with Setia Walk.
At CAFFEine, you can choose to either have your coffee at the al-fresco area , where one could enjoy the breeze (not recommended if there's haze though)
Or the comfy, cosy indoor seating area, with inviting coach & pillows laid out in the cafe.
CAFFEine has ample seating to cater to the crowd. The interior of this cafe was fairly simple- white washed walls hanging with bean bags, vintage photographs and poloroid photos taken by customers paired up with wooden tables & white plastic chair and a coffee bar, with red bricks finishing. The simple design of the interior emits a peaceful & calming vibe throughout the cafe.

And good news dog lovers! This cafe is Dog-Friendly! :)
The drinks menu was clearly written on a chalk board for all to browse through. We were spoiled with choice with the wide array of drinks available! Was particularly curious about the Electro Chocolate drink and I found out from foursquare that it was their signature drink!
I was captivated by the mouth-watering array of cakes at the counter (as usual). Mille Crepes, cheesecakes...oh if only I could have em all without gaining any weight!

CAFFEine also serves Fat Baby ice-cream!
We were delighted when we found out CAFFEine serves food as well. We liked the ambiance at CAFFEine so we decided to have dinner at CAFFEine as well :)
Hello Kitty Pomegranate Tea RM6.50
Okay, tbh I ordered this drink because I wanted this can so badly ahahaha. The drink was refreshing with a hint of sweetness and it serves as a great respite from the blistering weather.
Cafe Latte RM8.50
The Cafe Latte has the right proportion of milk to coffee. The biscotti that accompanies the coffee was also nice and crunchy!
After trying out the coffee Guan Ren ordered, I regretted ditching my usual cuppa for the cute Hello Kitty can....
Tuna & Egg Spaghetti RM12.50
Stir fried spaghetti with tuna and egg
The spaghetti was cooked till el-dente. I really love the combination of egg and tuna! I was impressed on how this two ingredients complements each other so perfectly, leaving a pleasant taste lingering on my taste buds. This spaghetti would have been better if it was drizzled with more olive oil :) I find it a little bit too dry. Just a litttttllleeee bit.

Tuna Extravaganza RM12.90 +Cheese RM2
Baguette with Tuna Fillings, served with a side with salad.
I thought that the tuna filling tasted rather odd. Perhaps the tuna wasn't fresh but I'm not so sure.
On the other hand I loved the texture of the bread :) Soft and fluffy, and slightly toasted to give it an extra crunch! Wasn't informed that the a RM2 surcharge will be applied for the addition of cheese :/ but the cheese gave the sandwich a creamy touch so it was okay I guess.

After dinner, I had a sudden sugar craving and Guan Ren offered to buy me a dessert! Was over the moon and I was considering between getting a Fat Baby Ice-Cream or getting their signature Electro Chocolate. In the end I choose the Electro Chocolate drink because...well you can get Fat Baby Ice-Cream in many other coffee shop but you definitely won't be able to try out the Electro Chocolate drink elsewhere!
Electro Chocolate RM10
CAFFEine's signature drink consisting of Hazelnut Coffee, Irish Cream, Milk & Cocoa Powder
As the name implies, this Electro Chocolate has a rich aromatic chocolate taste. It was love at first sip. The chocolate, albeit being rich, did not overpower the coffee taste at all. 
Just blogging about this is making me craving for another cup of Electro Chocolate! 

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
CAFFEine serves up really good coffee and has a great & relaxing environment, with friendly & helpful staff :) Would love to return here again.

G-09-1, Level 1, Block G, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong,

Business Hour:
Mon - Fri: 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Contact Number : 03 - 5879 0033
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