Sunday, 9 March 2014

Caffe Bene, Sunway Pyramid

*I visited this place on the 7th of March, before the grand opening on the 8th.

Caffe bene, is one of the latest cafe addition to Sunway Pyramid. I was pretty excited about its opening, 1. It seems really promising, with the mouth-watering array of desserts on their menu 2. The amount of money spent on its opening, signifies that the people managing this cafe is really serious on making this cafe a hit 3. That's always been my reaction on a new cafe.
So last Friday after class, I took a bus all the way to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with my besties from high school! We decided to have desserts for lunch because its not every day you can meet up with a friend who thinks the same way as you do.
I liked the design of Caffe Bene, with its rock walls, and comfy cushioned seating. However, the seating area was limited, just a small corridor for the air-conditioned area,
And a slightly-wider-than-the-corridor outdoor seating area. My friend & I had to stand for a while after making our order as there was not seats available.
The menu- coffee, frappes, smoothies, fruit juices & much more to satisfy one's desserts/ tea time cravings. The price is slightly on the steep side, perhaps because it is "imported" from Korea?
Caffe Bene also serves Gelato which seems to be a hit among the customers! Customer can request to try out the gelato before picking their choice of ice-cream desired.
And ofc you get to choose your desired number of scoops!
My friend and I were attracted by the mock desserts on display. It seems so tempting so we decided to give it a go!
After you've placed your order, you'll be handed a UFO which vibrates when your order is ready!
Honey Bread (Garlic & Cheese) RM16
Toasted honey bread with garlic butter & cheese topping.
Taste wise, I thought that it was pretty normal. It wasn't really impressive and I thought that RM16 was way to steep for a simple toast like this :/
Would've been better if they'd substitute some of the cheese sauce with some melted cheese.
Feeling unsatisfied, we decided to try out their signature dessert- Bingsu. Perhaps it'd fare better?
Cookie & Cream Bingsu RM10.90 (S)
Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert, usually topped with fruits & condensed milk. It is an extremely popular dessert in the South Korea. I've actually never heard of it before so I was quite excited to dig in!
On first glance I thought that this desserts looked impressive! The portion too was huge!
However, the Bingsu didn't really hit the spot.
The shaved ice was coarse in texture and it tasted like ice. You'd have to eat the shaved ice with the whipped cream/ice-cream (not really sure which was it) which was tad milky to my liking or the shaved ice is just..well ice! Thought that the cookie crumbs topping didn't really fit the dessert too as it tasted a little out of place.

I didn't really enjoyed the desserts there. Perhaps due to the difference in preference. Perhaps the Koreans love their desserts that way?

And because of the limited seating, we didn't get to devour our desserts slowly as there were too many customers, waiting for us to finish our dessert to "prowl" for our seats.

On another note, service was pleasant =)

Caffe Bene
Sunway Pyramid

Contact Number: + (603) 6143 6333
Fax: + (603) 6143 7333
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