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Valentine 2014 Part 1: Monte's Wine Bar & Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Part 2

HI! More of a personal post here hehe. (I have been publishing about food food & food most of the time) No worries there won't be any mushy love letters/essays but just a recollection of events on Valentines Day :b However, if you're only interested in the food you can skip the first half of this blog post =p

14 of February 2014, marks my very very first Valentine Day celebration.

A week before Valentines, Guan Ren already told me that he will be planning the agenda for that day. When I asked where will we be heading to, he'll pull a serious face, and utter the word "LORONG" in a serious tone.

(Note: Lorong is an open-air mamak which operates from 5pm-5am near our college. Surprisingly, they serves very good Maggie Mee Goreng & Banana Milkshake that is extremely cheap & big in portion)

The teasing went on and on throughout the whole week before Valentines. :p

And finally, the big day arrived! The surprise started early in the morning on that day.

A bar of Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate! :") My favourite!
I received a chocolate delivery in college from a chubby cupid (no, really LOL!) from the Anime Society in the morning. The chocolate has a card written "Here's surprise no1" on it which provoked my creativity further. No1...does that means that there's more surprises coming up?

Guan Ren is the most creative & unpredictable person I've ever met. I still remember back in our high school days when both of us were studying bio together, I'd tell him that I'd like to dissect his head and see what is going on inside there, LOL!

Guan Ren said that he'll be picking me up at 5pm because he said we'll be heading to Lorong 2 which is much imba & far away. He told me to "dress nicely but not too nice". I nearly wore my shorts out because I partially believed what he said & was afraid of overdressing LOL. But in the end I decided to just wear my maxi skirt I bought from Japan two years ago since it can function as a casual wear and also a decent dress.

And thank goodness I didn't wear my shorts because Guan Ren was really well-dressed on that night!

Found a cute little paper bag as I step into his car.
Surprise #2: Mochi from Akachan! 
You can read my previous review about their Mochi HERE.
"Lorong 2 very far away leh! So have this in case you're hungry." 

Soft, tender & chewy in texture. Ahhh, I just couldn't have enough of Akachan Q mochi. Thank you so so sooo much for the Mochi! :")))

The car journey to "LORONG 2" was quite a long one. Guan Ren said he has never been there before so we had to use waze to get our way there. I was in charge with the navigation but of course I didn't check the destination as the suspense was exciting hahaha :P

We used NPE and exited at Bangsar! Took a few turns to avoid the jam...and arrived at our location: Bangsar Shopping Centre (aka Lorong 2 lol!)

For the nth time, thank goodness I did not wore my shorts! hahahah

Guan Ren said he asked his friends' & brother's advice and they agreed that BSC would be a suitable location, but parking might be a nuisance. The moment he mentioned about the parking problems we found a nice parking spot! A few, to be exact :O #parkingluckyay

After we alighted his car, Guan Ren told me to find & take note of the parking lot number. Without me realizing it, he opened his car boot and took out a bouquet of roses.
Surprise #3: A bouquet of red roses, with a glow in the dark sky lantern

I don't know about you, but I'm those typical girls who really loves flower. #dontjudgeme

I froze for a split second there. Engulfed by happiness. Words couldn't describe how happy I was am :") ehe the flowers are paced next to my bed so that I could wake up to the beautiful sight of flowers.

I didn't expect so much from him. Felt really bad because I didn't prepare anything for him on that day. Uhh, I just gave him a handmade socks doll which....no comment.

Walked around BSC, exploring every floors because Guan Ren said his reservation is at 8pm. Guan Ren did a really great job on picking the location cause BSC wasn't crowded with couples around heh =p. When questioned where will we dining at he would pull a cheeky face saying: "Oh, there! Coffee Bean! The one here is so much more imba than the one in front of college!" 

Dinner time arrived and Guan Ren revealed our dinner place:
Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar
Rewind back to an hour before the dinner. Guan Ren and I were exploring BSC and we walked pass Monte's

"Wahhh...what a classy restaurant," I said "Look at all the wine bottles! High class place leh o_o"

Little did I know we are supposed to dine in that restaurant. LOL. Shocked beyond words, I couldn't believe it.

"Hey...do you think I will look like a jakun if I started snapping photos around?"

I asked Guan Ren in a nervous tone. LOL. It was my very first Candle Light dinner, and my first time dining in such a classy restaurant with wine bottles aligned neatly on the rows of shelf at the entrance of the restaurant.

Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar was recommended by one of Guan Ren's classmate who frequents this place. He even offered kind suggestions of food to order hehe :)
The interior was elegant & classy. The french windows overlooking the beautiful lighting outside of BSC created a gorgeous backdrop. Vintage paintings hanged around on the wallpapered walls, with a soft jazz music playing in the background. Each table had a beautiful pink flower placed in a wine glass, and a little candlelight to accompany it. The atmosphere was simply perfect for a date.
 Ginger Tea (Pot) RM8
The waiter asked us if we'd like to have wine but no thank you hahaha. The ginger tea has a fragrant & aromatic gingery taste. A perfect drink to calm our senses.

Complementary brioche buns.
The buns were warm, soft & fluffy. I ate em on its own because it was already very tasty on its own :)
 Mushroom Soup RM11
The mushroom soup has a creamier base. Each mouthful was a delight! Creamy in texture, and full of mushroom goodness. We enjoyed the soup till the very last drop
Snapper Fillet RM31
Snapper fillet cooked at your own choice of methods, served with a side of fries & salad.
This was Guan Ren's order and he requested his fish to be grilled with garlic butter. The garlic butter was further topped with cheese, much to his delight. Fish was tender and delicious! Couldn't help but to ask Guan Ren to give me a little more of his share to me ehehe.

Norwegian Salmon Steak RM38
Grilled Salmon topped with Tomato Salsa, served with a side of Wedges & Greens.
The salmon was delightful! It was really fresh and well-done. Each bite was packed wholesomeness and freshness. Loved the honey mustard sauce that accompanied the fish.

Overall Rating: 8.0/10
The service was excellent. The waiters were fast & efficient and they were really helpful & friendly, especially in with our camera haha! Lovely & classy ambiance, serving really satisfying gastronomical delight. :)

Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar
Lot F112, Level 1, Bangsar Shopping Centre, West Wing,
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:
11am-11pm Daily

Contact Number: +603 2094 1112 / 3
Email: montesrestaurantbsc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.montesrestaurant.com.my/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/montesrestaurantandainebar

That's all for part I! Back to studies for now :P
thank you, Guan Ren :)
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