Friday, 21 February 2014

FIQ Gastronomy, SS19

"There's a new restaurant in SS19...and their food is good..." My brother told me, as he showed me the pictures of the food served. And bam, I told myself, I am sooo going there the next day! And sure enough, I dragged Guan Ren along to this new place!
FIQ Gastronomy, a relatively new restaurant nestled in the less-traveled section of SS19. FIQ Gastronomy occupies a corner lot amid a row of office shop-lots that overlooks Empire Shopping Gallery & Subang Parade from far, so parking there was a breeze on a weekend.

The interior of FIQ was bright, soothing & calming with the white-washed walls paired up with the oak furniture with bright-coloured cushion. It has an instantaneous calming effect to my mind, as I feel relaxed as I step into the restaurant.

The menu was simple & clean- two sheets of paper, clipped to a wooden clipboard. The food items are pretty limited for now, with the desserts menu featuring a vaster choices compared to the main/appetizer/sandwichers
My brother told me to go for their Carrot Soup and Risotto, but unfortunately, it was NOT AVAILABLE on that day :( Feeling depressed, I decided to forget about being unhealthy and requested for a Caesar Salad instead.
FIQ Gastronomy adapt the "Open Kitchen" concept. The kitchen was only separated from the seating area  by a half brick-wall!
We had a clear view of the chefs in action from our seat :)
We get to observe how meticulously the chefs assembled the sandwiches, plate the dishes, prepare the desserts & so on! However, it might get a little hot & noisy at times or when the orders at the kitchen fluctuates =p

It was really interesting seeing them plating the dishes. Scroll down and you'll realize that each elements of the dish was carefully arranged, like what they do in fine-dining
Iced Latte RM9
It gets a little too diluted when left too long. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that as I am not an iced-coffee drinker.
Caesar Salad RM10
Romaine Lettuce topped with Parmesan Cheese, Croutons & Beef Bacons

The lettuces were fresh & crisps. The saltiness of the Parmesan Cheese & Beef Bacon was well-balanced. The crunchy croutons gives the dish an extra crunch which was pretty addictive.

Mac & Cheese RM14
The Mac & Cheese was baked with four different types of cheese and topped with breadcrumbs. However, this dish was a let down as the cheese sauce was pretty diluted :/
Do take note that this dish falls under the "Appetizer" category, so the portion was really small.
Crunchy Calamaris RM11
The calamari rings were a delight! The calamaris were tender & juicy, a total contrast of their crunchy tenpura layer. Definitely one of the best Calamari Rings I've ever tasted!
Someone working on the wall graffiti art under the hot blazing sun.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
The food was not really outstanding, but not bad either. Perhaps their dishes that are not available on that day (Risotto, Ravioli & Carrot Soup) would fare better as my brother gave me a positive feedback on those dish. The service was pleasant & welcoming, and the environment was pretty cosy & well-lit (but it might get a little too hot at times). However, price is on the steeper side, as I heard most of their chefs worked in hotels before. I would really like to try out their Risotto or Carrot Soup one day!

FIQS Gastronomy Subang
34 Jalan SS19/1D,
47500 Subang Jaya

Business Hours:
Tues-Sun: 12pm-10.30pm.
Closed on Mondays

Tel: 03-5613-0473
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