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Buffalo Steakhouse , Sunway Mentari

*photos by Motorola Moto g. 

My very first blogpost, which I did not procrastinate for days. Yes I visited this place earlier in the noon just now :) The reason behind my efficiency is pretty simple: I lost all of my food photos from previous food trips and I am too lazy to convert the remaining photos which survived the virus attack from arw format to jpeg.

Right after my classes this afternoon, Guan Ren picked me up from college as we planned to study together at Taylor's Lakeside campus. Students of Lakeside would definitely agree with me on this- there's nothing much to eat there. Yes, there's the conventional Subway, Face to Face Noodle house & Old Town White Coffee, but mehhhhhh. You know what I mean ;)

So Guan Ren had a light bulb moment and he suggested to have lunch at this restaurant @ Sunway Mentari. I was expecting a hawker food lunch & I didn't bring my bulky DSLR out so..enjoy the pictures from my lovely phone :D 
Buffalo Steakhouse
Tucked in one of the shoplots in the infamous for you-know-what Sunway Mentari area, Buffalo Steakhouse has been around for quite some time but I've never heard of its presence until today. 
Guan Ren visited this place years ago and he commented that the set lunch was pretty affordable, and to my surprise the price of the set lunch did not fluctuate! It was still the same as it was years ago! 
The interior was really Western-ish & Outback-ish, or cowboy-inspired to put it simply. Wooden walls, with oldies poster plastered on it, and cowboy hats sitting on the shelves, giving the place a Wild Wild West atmosphere. 
The Set Lunch are priced at RM16.90 nett! It comes with a bowl of soup of the day, bun & butter, a choice of Hot Cappuccino, Iced Lemon Tea or Hot Tea! BBQ Fish, Lamb Chop, Chicken Chop, Fish & Cheap & Cordon Bleu Fish are the choices available for the main so take your pick!
Here's a small glimpse of Buffalo Steakhouse's main menu. Buffalo Steakhouse spoils customers with a wide array of Western delights at a very affordable price! It is very rare to see such a well-decorated restaurant with friendly staffs & server to serve western food at this range of price nowadays.
Bun & Butter
The wholemeal bun was home-made. It was warm when served. However, I suspect that the staffs heated up the bun using a microwave as it hardens after a while...Not a really pleasant experience.
Soup of the Day- Mushroom Soup (Ala-carte RM4.50)
Tasted like a bowl of flour and seasoning :S
Garlic Bread RM2
Guan Ren ordered this as he was too full for a full set. According to him, the garlic bread was....hard.
Hot Cappuccino 
.....this cup of coffee was just...weird...You can see from the picture that there was some weird white powdery substances floating on top of the drink. I tried stirring the drink but it wouldn't dissolve. I had a sip
Cordon Bleu Steak RM16.90 (Set Lunch)
Deep fried beef steak, topped with cheese & gravvy, served with a side of coleslaw, fries & corn.

I thought that Cordon Bleu steak was something rather unique so I decided to give it a go. In most places, Cordon Bleu is a dish where a chicken is rolled & stuffed with cheese & deep fried into perfection)
Portion wise I would say it was pretty big- the portion certainly worth more than what I paid. I was pretty stuffed at the end of my meal.

Taste wise? While I pretty much enjoyed the crunchy tenpura batter which was deep fried into perfection, soaked in the flavourful & thick gravy & topped with creamy cheese, I couldn't really decide whether I really liked this dish or not. I wouldn't say that it was bad, nor it was good. The Cordon Bleu steak wasn't greasy at all despite being deep-fried. The beef tasted really homecook-ish, like how my mum would cook a steak at home. So it doesn't really taste "authentically western". The food I had reminds me of my primary school days, where my mum used to take me to food courts for cheap & affordable western food when I throw a tantrum, demanding western food & protesting against Chinese food. Yeah....

Overall? Service was pleasant, environment was all good, but the food served there was not really my cup of tea. Buffalo Kitchen is inclined to the old school, "local" western food which might appeal more to the older generation.

Bufallo Steakhouse
Jalan PJS8/18, Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya.

Business Hour:
Daily from 10.00am - 12.00am

Contact Number: 03 - 5630 0023

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