Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mochi/Mo Cheeks @ Akachan no Hoppe

After a really satisfying dinner at El Fresco, Guan Ren brought me to this new Mochi stall located directly opposite of Jaya Grocer. He claimed that the mochi sold at this little stall is much better than the one he bought in Taiwan!

I visited Taiwan just two months ago and I find that tad hard to believe. The mochi(s) I had in Taiwan was such a delight! So I jumped into his offer and tried out my very first akachan's mochi :D
Akachan no Hoppe, specializing in modernized Mochi or Mo-Cheeks, hailed all the way from Itoigawa, Japan. Akachan no Hoppe literal translation is "soft baby cheeks", which depicts the soft & tender texture of their mochi.
Eight different flavours of Mochi are available at the Empire branch, priced at RM4 each. I asked for Guan Ren's recommendation and choose the Double Chocolate flavour.
I opted for take away as I was still full from dinner.
After you made your purchase, the cashier will ask if you'd like to eat the mochi immediately, or take away. If you opt to eat the mochi right away, the cashier will give you a piece of mochi from the display. Whereas if you opt for take away, the cashier will give you a piece of frozen mochi as the mochi is best consumed cold :)
Double Chocolate RM4
The filling consist of a creamy layer of white chocolate is sandwiched in between two layer of rich milk chocolate. The chocolate fillings was encased in a soft, chewy layer of mochi skin. One bite, and I was totally hooked. The chocolate fillings wasn't overwhelmingly sweet nor cloying at all. I devoured the mochi slowly, feeling slightly regretful over the fact that I've only bought one mochi home. 
Akachan's mochi is literally a piece of a mochi. I look forward to try out the other flavours hehe :D

Akachan no Hoppe (Mo-Cheeks)
Empire Shopping Gallery LG,
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Business Hour:
10am-10pm daily


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