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Wondermama, Bangsar Village

Before I get into the food review, I'd like to thank every single one of you here. As you can see, this blog has just passed the 30k view mark! *cues celebratory music*. I never knew this blog could hit the 30k mark so quick. It has been four months since I started off this food blog, as a hobby & a de-stress outlet because writing about food makes me happy & calms me down. Thank you for reading this blog, whether you are just a random passer-by, or a silent reader, or a close friend of my who has been supporting this blog since the start. Thank you. A gush of happiness descends upon me, when a friend or someone random tell me that they read my blog!

So one of my new year resolution for this year, is to keep this blog alive and kicking! And of course, I would also like to polish my photography & writing so that my readers won't get mata sakit. Haha :P Writing this food blog is my passion, that truly brings me joy.

I would like to apologize if I have offended you in any means in this blog. Thanks again, and enjoy your stay =)

Wondermama: A fusion restaurant, serving up modern & contemporary Malaysian cuisine, with a twist. Or some may call it, a high class mamak ;) Every time I drop by Bangsar, it never crossed my mind to visit this cafe with a quirky as I am more inclined to breakfast/brunch cafes or Western Food, such as Antipodeon, YEAST..(and the list goes on and on..)

Until last week, my mum and I went to Bangsar after shopping at Mid Valley. Mum's preference in food is more inclined to the East, so we decided to give Wondermama a try!

Patrons can choose to dine in the fully air-conditioned indoor dining area, or upstairs if you're here in a big group. and also the close-to-nature outdoor sitting area, which is surrounded by shady greens

We were greeted by the friendly staffs with much enthusiasm, into the homey, warm cafe. Light glitters through the windows, creating a casual ambient for a cosy lunch.
The Nyonya-inspired interior: Totally retro & old school. The counter reminds me off my primary school canteen, where the menu is imprinted on the metal board. 
Dining in Wondermama really brings me on a trip down memory lane, with all those traditional pots & pans, old-fashioned ceramic bowls placed around the cafe. It really reminds me of my childhood days spent with my grandmother :")
An array of local kuih-muih priced at RM1.50 per piece.
Beside local delights, Wondermama also whips out western delights & delightful cakes to please those not-so-eastern-inclined patrons like me :b. The menu was really extensive- From the usual suspects, Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng & Roti Bakar to Western Delights such as burgers to sweet endings. I was spoil of choices! The waiter laughed as I was so indecisive when he was taking down my orders.

As Wondermama was really crowded during lunch time, it took a while for our food to arrive.
Potato & Chicken Salad RM15.90
Mixed Green tossed in Japanese Vinaigrette Dressing , Potato Mayo Salad, Deep Fried Breaded Chicken, topped with kacang putih, crunchy croutons & chopped cherry tomatoes. An amalgamation of Japanese (Dressing & Deep Fried Breaded Chicken) , Western (Croutons & Potato Salad) & Local Delight (Kacang Putih) food.
Was surprised of the portion given! It is big enough for a party to share as an appetizer, and also good to go as a main :)
The crispy breaded chicken, served hot out of the deep-fryer, was addictive, tender & crispy. The cold potato salad on the other hand was a total contrast of the chicken- smooth, tangy & cold. Both hot & cold elements, complements each other so perfectly, like yin & yang, To put it simply, the combination couldn't be more perfect. The muruku was an unconventional addition, which enhances the dish, giving it a pleasant crunch. I enjoy this salad till the very last bite.
Nyonya Laksa RM13.90
A big ceramic bowl, loaded with shredded eggs, shredded cucumbers, fish cake, prawns & cockles in a thick, wholesome flavourful concoction of laksa broth.
The portion of the laksa was really BIG. Much bigger than what you usually get in the local kopitiam. 
I'd say that the Nyonya Laksa served in Wondermama is pretty decent, and really good, for KL standard. The coconut milk infused broth was so aromatic, I can't help it but to reach for another mouthful. But if you'd like the best Nyonya Laksa, you'd have to head to Ipoh =p

Overall Rating: 8/10
Wondermama...simply Wonderful. Thank you mama for the lunch treat :) Would love to return to try out more!

G6, Bangsar Village 1,
Jalan Telawi 1,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.


*TIP: Drop by this place on Mondays for a special discount! =D 
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