Sunday, 12 January 2014

WHISK espresso bar/bake shop, Empire Shopping Gallery

If there's one place in Subang Jaya which I had been yearning to visit, it'd definitely be WHISK @ Empire Shopping Gallery. Somehow there's always something inhibiting me from visiting that place. It's either the cakes are out of stock (boohoo) or there's no vacant seats. My dream finally came true last week when Guan Ren invited me to have dinner with his siblings & cousin at Empire. We decided to have desserts at WHISK since it has received many praises for its cakes & coffee!
Step into the little humble cafe, and I immediately fell in love with it. The interior of WHISK was fairly simple, yet cosy & retro at the same time- bricks walls, simple wooden stools & tables and a long mirror on one side of the walls, giving the cafe a spacious illusion. However, the seating space was really limited as WHISK only occupies 1/2 of a shop lot.
The wide array of cakes available in WHISK! WHISK's cakes sells like hot cakes (no pun indeed!) daily. Every day the cakes get sold out fast, especially their best selling Red Velvet Cake which was raved all over the net. We were lucky as we managed to get our hands on a slice of their famous Red Velvet Cake. But was it really that drool-worthy?
Besides cakes, WHISK also specializes in MACAROONS! The colourful little things certainly is a feast to the eyes, no? :)

And finally, the moment of judgement. The moment that I have been waiting for so sooo long!
Red Velvet Cake RM11.90 (Right) & Nutella Cupcake (Left)
Somehow my camera didn't want to focus on the Nutella Cupcake. Perhaps my camera knows that the spotlight here is the Red Velvet Cake? I'll let the taste be the judge.
The Red Velvet Cake was okay, but the cream cheese frosting was way too sweet for my liking. Thought that Upstairs Cafe still serves up the best Red Velvet Cake. The Nutella Cupcake on the other hand, was really dry and the sweetness was too overwhelming. The nutella frosting wasn't really smooth as I can still taste the sugar granules. And the price was a little steep compared to the other cafes around. We didn't managed to finish the cakes in the end . :(

Overall Rating: 4/10
To be honest, our desserts session at WHISK was a major disappointment =( The cakes were waaaayyy too sweet and tad dry to my liking. But WHISK was shortlisted as one of the best coffee places, so perhaps their coffee would fare better? Perhaps another day...

But yeah THANK YOU to Kimberly for the treat! Really appreciated it! :)

WHISK Espresso Bar/Bake Shop
LG 3A Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1
Petaling Jaya, 47500
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