Monday, 20 January 2014

Sushi Tei, The Gardens

After a looooong CNY shopping with the family, dad (finally) decided to head on for lunch at 3.30pm. Feeling ravenous, yet indecisive on what to have for lunch, we decided to just enter the restaurant that was right in front of our eyes-Sushi Tei

I'd blogged about Sushi Tei's other branch @ Setia City Mall. Click HERE to read about it!
Compared to the one in Setia City Mall, the The Garden's branch has an interior which was far more simple & modern. We quickly .flipped through the menu and ordered our desired dish as we were famished
Colourful plates of sushi moving around the conveyor belt. As I was really hungry, I just took the first plate of sushi that seems palatable from the conveyor belt
Unakyu Maki RM8.80
Japanese Cucumber & Unagi, rolled in sushi rice & seaweed & covered in a layer of seasoned shredded seaweed.
The cucumber gave the sushi a delightful crunch, whereas the unagi, was a total contrast of it, tender, juicy & succulent. Lovely :)
Purple Plate RM8.80 (took from conveyor belt)
Tuna flakes rolled with sushi rice & seaweed, topped with cheese & tangy cheese sauce.
The cheese was slightly charred on the top, giving it an aromatic & distinctive taste. Paired up with the tangy & savoury cheese sauce, one bite and I'm hooked.
Yellow Plate RM6.80
Beef Meatballs breaded in bread crumbs, deep fried into perfection, topped with cheese mayo & wasabi mayo. The exterior of this dish was nice & crispy, however, the beef meatball fillings felt a little too rubbery and under-seasoned.
Volcano Roll RM6.80
Was really disappointed in this sushi, because 1. the portion was sooo small compared to my previous visit to the setia alam's branch and 2. the sushi doesn't taste fresh at all. Sushi that is not fresh is a big turn off in Japanese restaurants :(
Yellow Plate RM6.80
Thought that this sushi was a little too spicy & over-seasoned with paprika powder, hence the excessive peppery taste that lingers all over my mouth after having one piece of this sushi.
Oyako Don RM13.80
Fluffy Japanese Rice topped with Chicken meat cooked with Eggs & Onions.
While I really enjoyed the aromatic & fluffy Japanese Rice with the fluffy eggs, I didn't really fancy the chicken, which had a tough & rubbery texture. The dish felt really...Malaysianized. A little too localized to my liking.
Hotate Toji Udon RM17.80
The broth was flavourful & delightful. However, I felt as if the udon noodles were overcooked. The noodles were really soggy and lack of "Q"-ness.

Overall Rating: 5/10
Verdict: Disappointing :(
The food was really below par. Which was really disappointing, as it used to be so good, once upon a time.

Sushi Tei, The Gardens
LG-210, Lower Ground Floor, 
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, 
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Number: 03-22827635
Website :
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