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#NNLepakWithNuffies Xmas Tour 2013

On the 26th of December 2013, I was invited by Nuffnang to visit their magical office for a Lepak with Nuffies session! It was my second time at the Nuffies office, first time being somewhere in November last year where I went there to collect some prizes. I was really excited because I only caught a small glimpse of the office during my previous visit :D

I went there using the LRT. For a detailed guide on how to go to Nuffnang's office using the LRT from Kelana Jaya, click HERE :D
Once I arrived, a few bloggers and I were ushered to their meeting room, where we had a round of ice-breaking games and self-introduction. I met a few bloggers on that day, and one of them is Florence, who blogs about FOOD as well! :D And also fitness! Check out her blog to garner fitness inspiration & also recommendation of good eats (:
Even their meeting room feels so magical ♥ 
While waiting for the arrival of the other bloggers, we were served with various snacks and refreshments!
Mini mantous! It brings back my childhood, so nostalgic ;)
 Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe! :D Mhhmmm..each thin layer of crepe meticulously stacked on one another, sandwiching an addictive layer of cream. I really like Humble Beginnings mille crepes compared to the other big names such as Nadeje and Food Foundry, as it is less cloying, and their layers of crepe felt smoother.

Alright, let's not derive from the main topic and leave the food review to some other time. You can read about my review for Nadeje , Food Foundry & Humble Beginnings  by clicking on the link attached :P
Each of us where given a goody bag & a Xmas greeting card from the Nuffies! It was also our "passport" to get around-
We were required to visit every department, and get it stamped at the "immigration" of each department to proceed to the next department and collect our goodies!
Our first stop, CANDYLAND
Open the magical candy cane door, and welcome, to CANDYLAND
and boom!
Candyland is actually the DESIGN department! It was no wonder the office is decorated & designed so awe-struck-ly impressive! Life-size candy hanging from the ceiling, where a beautiful rainbow runs over it, with colourful knick-knacks all over the office, the design department really have a cheerful & vibrant atmosphere!
A group photo at Candy Land before we move on to the next destination!
 For some reasons, Cookie Monster was banned from entering Candyland. Perhaps the Nuffies were worried that Cookie Monster would sapu all of the candy there =p
NEXT STOP, TECHLAND. (aka the Tech & IT department)
Tech-y indeed.
We were a little unlucky as the Tech Team has already took down their decorations  x( I'd really love to see how creatively tech-y the Nuffnang Tech Team are, since their signage was already so impressive! But at least Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer on a monitor screen was still there :b
What's left, was a Christmas Tree made out of LED Light (without decorations =P)

Then we headed one floor up to the orange office, where the NOMNOM, Admin, ChurpChurp & Nuffnang's Team are situated.

The NOMNOM & Admin Team shares the same segment of the office. In case you're wondering, the NOMNOM Team is Nuffnang's SALES Team, where they are constantly on the prowl for advertisers like the ads on my blog.
They have a fireplace, to keep the Nuffies' spirit burning!
And a santa...stuck on top of their chimney. So cute right! :D
 Mind you, that's not a toy. That's a REAL POPCORN MACHINE that churns out popcorn on the spot! The Nuffies seems to have unlimited supply of snacks around the office, as most of their tables are scattered with candies, chocolates, cookies & sweets. I asked the Nuffies and they claimed that they don't really know the source of the snacks. But one thing for sure, the supply of their snacks is bottomless. According to them, the sweet treats are to keep their energy going & creative juice flowing. ;)
A Christmas Tree, made from scratch by the staffs under ChurpChurp. The staffs really put in so much effort to build this Christmas Tree, and they even attached pictures of each Nuffies on it! (I even spotted Fighter's photo on it!)

One very unique feature of the ChurpChurp department is....
...it is an office, with memes hanging around the ceiling. MEMES! Not a meme, but TONNES OF THEM. I remember one of my classmate in high school stick a meme face in our classroom, and some teachers were really not impressed and pleased about it, and demanded us to remove it straight away. 
this really applies to me
So yes, I froze for a moment there. What's there not to love about Nuffnang's office? :D

And featuring my favourite decorations of all- The WRECKING BALL!

The ChurpChurp Department won the "Best Decorated Department" in the Nuffnang office.

Last, but not least, the NUFFNANG DEPARTMENT
Nuffnang's department decided to go for a more "classical" approach, hence the floating ballerinas.
Floating Ballerina, with blue glitter dust made from scratch by the Nuffies, and they were really proud of it too ;)
Vintage hipster posters plastered at a corner, giving the office a really retro feel.
Nuffnang's Forever Alone corner. Not kidding! Check foursquare and you'll see that "Forever Alone Corner" really exists!
We were then ushered to Nuffnang's meeting room- A room filled with colourful DOOF beanbags! How cool is that! This is where the nuffies have their meetings to brainstorm ideas or discuss about work matters. To create a more casual & laid back environment,  . There's even a flat screen TV, Nintendo Wii, PS3 & a drum set (Wii's drum set) for the Nuffies to de-stress in this room!

A picture before I leave- I choose to take the photo standing because I was certain that if I jump back on to the doof back it'd take almost forever for me to get up :b
Nuffnang T-shirt, badges, mentos, teddy biscuits, sweets, and more sweets
The goodies I got from Nuffnang! + a super cool exclusive Nuffnang umbrella which even their staff don't have =p. Look at the amount of sweet treats we received! :b

Thank you, Nuffnang for the exclusive invitation. I had a jolly good time with the bloggers & Nuffies. The nuffies are really such a friendly & fun bunch. They were so sporting & hype up, and constantly cracking up jokes. Hence, Nuffnang doesn't feel like an office at all. I couldn't help it but to ask them what do they do at work because they all seem like a bunch of good friends, hanging out together at a really cool spot, rather than colleagues working together in a mundane, stereotype office. It is no wonder that Nuffnang is deemed as one of the coolest office to work at in Malaysia. (Source: http://www.femalemag.com.my/features/work/coolest-offices-youd-want-work-malaysia)

I am now considering to apply for internship at Nuffnang after my A-Levels ends in this upcoming June. Hmmm ;)
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