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my Burger lab, Seapark, nth visit

"Seriously, Burger lab again?!"

I know, I know, this is like the third time you're reading a my burger lab review on my blog (if not please do read my post regarding my SECOND VISIT & FIRST VISIT! =D ), and the nth time you've read a burger lab review in the web.

No, I am not burger lab's ambassador, nor they are paying me to write this, and no, I don't get free burgers (Although I wished if I could HAHA). But every time I visit Burger Lab there's always something memorable worth blogging about =)
 MONEY MONEY MONEY all over the wall, with quirky captions scribbled all over it to entertain you while lining up. I think I'm quite a huge contributor to burger lab's earning based on the number of visits I've been there since it was open one and a half year ago.

So last Friday night, my college mates & I planned to try out Seapark's famous Nasi Lemak Bumbung. Luck wasn't on our side as it was CLOSED on that day. So we headed to Burger Lab instead #closeenough
 It was 8pm when we reached burger lab. We feared that the burgers might be sold out by that time but to our surprise most of the burgers on the menu were still available! The line was all the way to the door but it only took us 5 minutes to place our order! Kudos to the efficient & friendly service =D
Searching for a seat is not a problem in Burger Lab the second floor of burger lab is now a seating area!!! =DDD
And you might heard about this in Facebook/Insta/Twitter/somewhere around the net, PROJECT C.

Project C is a pop-up cafe by my Burger Lab, serving up coffee & brownies sponsored by Barista Guild Asia. Project C make shift cafe is located on the second floor of my burger lab. And what made it even special was...

No kidding. You can pay with a smile. Pay with cash. Pay RM100. Whatever you want. 

 There are 4 different flavours of Brownies available. From the top: Banana Cornflakes, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate & Matcha.

 Being a coffee-holic & a person who goes banana over bananas, I decided to dig out some money to put into their tip box (don't want to be known as a kiamsap person), and ordered the cappuccino & banana cornflakes brownie.

The banana brownie was moist & fluffy. Each bite was packed with a wholesome punch of banana taste. Thumbs Up for the lovely brownies!
 The cappuccino was decent. Thought that it was a little too foamy to my liking though but I'm definitely not complaining. The generosity of burger lab & Barista Guild Asia was definitely really commendable :") Good Job Burger Lab & Barista Guild Asia! Another reason why Burger Lab managed to keep their customer from returning back time & again, other than their awesome burgers & delectable fries, and also top-notch customer services, is their innovative. They are always popping out fresh ideas to keep the customers happy.

Alright let's move on to the food review, shall we (:
 Popeye the Sailor Man RM16 ala carte
Creamed Spinach, sauteed in Olive Oil, Egg-y egg yolk, Homemade Black Pepper Mayo sauce, sandwiched in between a fluffy charcoal bun along with some greens.

A relatively healthier alternatives for burgers =p
 No, it is not a kangkung burger. Although it looks like one here...

The picture doesn't really look appetizing here, but let me share my experience in devouring this burger.

As I embraced the burger, my teeth sinks into the aromatic, soft & fluffy charcoal my teeth sinks further, I you can slowly taste the creamy & tangy sauce, which was infused with egg yolk & juice from the patty. I took my second bite, and flavours came bursting out from the juicy & flavourful beef patty. 
I really love my burger lab's burger. Nuff said.

Overall Rating: 10/10
Some might say that there is no such thing as perfect but I beg to differ. my Burger Lab is the best =) 

my BurgerLab
No.14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark,
46300, PJ Selangor, MY.

Business hours: 
Mon-Fri: 5:00pm till 10:15pm (last call)
Sat-Sun: 11:00am till 10:15pm (last call)


Oh and tips if you're heading to burger lab, check out their live stream crowd cam before heading there ! =)

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