Friday, 24 January 2014

Meteora Cafe, Taipan Business Centre

Hipster-styled cafe is recently becoming the "thing", and it is now slowly manifesting the market. My neighborhood Subang Jaya has joined in the bandwagon, finally- Introducing a new hipster cafe in Taipan Business Centre- Meteora Cafe
Located at the corner lot opposite to Murni Mamak, Meteora is very easy to spot with its distinctive dark signage & bright lighting from the inside.
Step into Meteora, and the first thing that caught my attention was the lighting (as mentioned above).  The round lantern was really captivating- I felt as if I am in some weird galaxy that has countless number of moons!
Meteora is a self-service cafe, where patrons are required to order & make their payment at the counter & the food ordered will be delivered to your seat promptly by their friendly waiters. Meteora menu is still quite limited for the time being as they are still fairly new. Basic things were found on the menu such as cakes, churros, drinks, & main course such as burgers and pastas.

Ample seating were available inside Meteora, and patrons get to choose to sit at their comfy sofa, basic wooden table & chairs or the bar & stool (: 

Smokers can opt to sit at their outdoor dining area too (: 

The interior was really vintage, and quirky at the same time.  Can't help it but to admire the cute little decorations & wall arts.
Vintage poster, plastered all around the walls of Meteora, creating an old school vibes.
Various props for patrons to snap some quirky photos! There's even board games for their patrons to entertain themselves (: Definitely a place for large gatherings!
 Cafe Latte RM10
The Latte was okay. Not outstanding, but definitely suffice to curb ones' caffeine cravings.
 Americano RM7
The americano was fine. Served at the right temperature, along with a piece of caramelized sugar biscuit.

Love the caramelized sugar biscuit that accompanies the coffee. It has a pleasant aromatic taste, & was crunchy in texture. The sweet biscuit and the bitter coffee complements each other perfectly, creating a bitter-sweet aftertaste.
Churros with Chocolate Dip (3) RM5
Deep fried dough fritters, coated with icing sugar & cinnamon powder, served with a choice of chocolate dip or salted caramel.
The churros have a soft & chewy centre. However, I felt that Meteora has over-seasoned their churros with cinnamon, which tasted tad unpleasant. 
The chocolate dip on the other hand, was way too diluted, I could barely taste the chocolate

Overall, Meteora Cafe has a nice, cosy & warm ambiance which was really welcoming. The staffs were warm & friendly. But food wise, I felt that it could be better.

Meteora Cafe
54-1, Jalan USJ9/5P
47620 Subang Jaya

Contact Number: 014-717 2009

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