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Humble Beginnings, Bangsar Telawi

Mille Crepes. I've became an avid fan of it, ever since Guan Ren bought me my first slice of Nadeje Mille Crepe last year in college. So far, I've only tried Mille Crepes from Nadeje and Food Foundry, and have been searching high and low for more mille crepes to try out #gluttonyHUMBLE BEGINNINGS, an e-shop selling mille crepe had caught my attention . I have been reading a lot of positive reviews regarding Humble Beginnings, and drooling all over the pictures of the oh-so-tempting mille crepes but I never tried it out before. So I jumped with joy when Nuffnang gave me a few buy 1 free 1 Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe vouchers.
Humble Beginnings, an online mille crepe business, was established in the year 2007 in Johor.  It has since expanded , and now has four physical shop all over East Malaysia (2 in Penang, 1 in Bangsar, and 1 in Johor) for patrons to collect their cakes ordered online, or just chill out and have a slice of mille crepe along with a drink.

Obviously, the one I went to was the branch in Bangsar lol~ It was a little tricky to locate Humble Beginnings, as there wasn't any subtle signage & Humble Beginnings shares 1/4 of a shop lot with Subway.
Tip: Subway is located directly a row behind the famous dessert place NOSH & Dip n Dip
The cafe was relatively small, but just enough to fit small parties or couples. Step inside the cafe and you'll be greeted by a row of cute orange tulip (wallpapers). The simple & lovely interior certainly made the place jolly & welcoming.
Each slice of crepe cake is priced at RM9.90+ , whereas the price of one whole cake starts from RM72+ . Humble Beginnings' Mille Crepe is made out of 20 thin crepe stacked together, sandwiching their special in-house fresh cream & vanilla custard.
Raspberry Cheese Yoghurt RM9.90
One bite, and the fragrance of the milk & cheese aroused my taste buds, along with a fruity raspberry scent. The sweetness was just nice, and the cream wasn't cloying or too overwhelming at all. The Mille Crepe was so smooth and velvety, it just literally melted in my mouth. Perfection.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Mille Crepe RM9.90
Being a peanut butter+chocolate fan, it took me less than a second to decide to order this cake. Peanut Butter and Chocolate are meant to be with each other. But are they meant to be in a Mille Crepe? Yes, they should! The smooth mille crepe layers sandwiching a slab of savoury peanut butter, embedded with chocolate chips to give that extra crunch and chocolate-y goodness.
Mum wasn't really a fan of this mille crepe flavour though so I polished the whole slice of cake myself, without feeling guilty or jelak.
Passion Fruit with Lychee Soda RM8.90
Mum has a "thing" with soda mix so her eyes immediately sparkle when she saw this on the menu. The fruity passion fruit & lychee flavours were really well-balanced, and I loved the gassy, fizzy soda effect after a gulp. Best of all, it wasn't sweet at all, and served as a perfect respite from the desserts we had!

Overall Rating: 8/10
Was pretty satisfied with my mille crepe. Delightful, smooth and creamy, hand made with the freshest ingredients. Humble Beginnings' Mille Crepe is now one of my favourtie mille crepe place! 

Humble Beginnings
30, Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:
12pm-10pm Daily

Contact Number: 03 2282 8035
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