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Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery, e-Tiara Apartment [Second Visit]

With all the A2 stress and AS results stress kicking in (oh, life as an A-Level student), a few of my college buddies and I decided to have a lovely lunch together to reward ourselves for surviving well so far :) I suggested that we have lunch at Haikara as most of them had not tried that place before.  (Blog Post regardinig my first visit HERE)
Nestled in one of the secluded corner of E-Tiara Apartment, Haikara is a Western & Japanese fusion cafe, maned by a couple from Nagoya, Japan. You won't find any typical Japanese food such as Sashimi, Sushi, Ramen in this cafe. Yes, this cafe specializes in Western cuisine, with Japanese elements infused in it, of course.

I absolutely love Haikara Style Cafe. From its quaint, peaceful & relaxing environment, whiff of freshly baked bread waffling the air, to the friendly Japanese boss who welcomes you upon entering the cafe, cute little Japanese knick-knack and decorations around. and the wide array of delightful Western-Japanese food.

The full menu is available on their webisite, although Haikara had revamped their menu and a lot of new food items is available now. Set lunch is available on weekdays and each set lunch comes with a choice of Coffee/Tea/Iced Lemon Tea.
Coffee (Comes with Set Lunch) be honest I overdid the cream for photography purposes. So the coffee tasted tad too milky to my liking. The coffee served in Haikara is charcoal-roasted, so each sip actually delivers an aromatic distinctive taste. Remind me to go easy on the cream next time.
Tuna, Egg & Corn Salad RM13.90 (Lunch Set Promo) 
Corn kernels, Coral, Sliced Cucumbers & Tomatoes, Generous dollops of Tuna Mayo & Egg Mayo on a bed of Shredded Cabbage.
Who says salads are boring?

This salad is absolutely EGG-cellent. Mixed it up, and you get a tangy mixture of mixed greens, tuna-riffic salad . This bowl of salad is definitely very filling & enough to keep me going throughout the whole day :D Paired up with Japanese Roasted Sesame dressing sauce, this bowl of salad is the bomb!

Butter Toast (comes with set)
The butter toast was a delight- one side of the toast was buttered generously. The aromatic buttery taste tickles my taste buds as I set my teeth onto the crunchy toast. Toast bread is certainly a must-have whenever you visit Haikara :)
Mushroom Pasta RM19.90
Pasta tossed with a medley of mushrooms, served with two slices of garlic bread.
Each strand of spaghetti was cooked till el-dente, and perfectly coated with the delightful mushroom sauce. One bite, and the fragrant taste of mushroom & garlic pepper sauce just lingers around my taste buds, creating a memorable taste. Simply lovely.

Beef Stew Pasta RM23.90
Spaghetti served with beef stew, vegetables and two crunchy garlic bread..
Friend's order. According to her this was REAAAAAALLLLL GOOD
Chicken Cheese Roll RM16.90
Breaded Chicken Breast Stuffed with Cheese, deep fried into perfection. Served with a side of salad & wedges, and a choice of BBQ or Curry sauce.
The chicken roll was oozing with hot molten cheese! According to my friend, the chicken did not taste greasy at all despite being deep fried. The Curry Sauce that accompanied the chicken was superb! I've forgotten to snap a picture of it. It looks like your usual Japanese Curry, but it tasted extra aromatic & delicious! Definitely one of the best Japanese Curry I've ever tried :)
Unagi & Tomato Rice Plate RM19.90 (Set Lunch Promo)
The tomato rice was nice & fluffy with a subtle sweet taste of tomato. However, if you are someone who prefers to have their food heavily seasoned this wouldn't be the best choice. The fish was tender and well-marinated according to my friend. And the potato wedges were really nice and fluffy , and does not feel greasy at all.
Fuji-San RM17.90
French Toast topped with cream-cheese ice-cream and drizzled with raspberry sauce
The warm fluffy aromatic french toast, paired up with the icy-cold smooth cream cheese ice-cream & raspberry sauce, is like one of the most ingenious combination in the world! How well this combination is? It is just like Yin & Yang, the french toast & ice-cream just complements each other so perfectly they should just get married. Just blogging about this Fuji San is making me hungry and craving for more!

Overall Rating: 8.5
Haikara Cafe is no doubt my favourite Japanese fusion cafe :) I just love everything about this cafe. Great food, alluring ambiance, and warm hospitality. <3

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery
E-Tiara Ground Floor,
Jalan Kemajuan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Business Hours :
Tue – Fri 11.00am – 3.30pm & 3.30pm – 10.00pm
Sat – Sun 10.00am – 10.00pm
Closed on Monday

Contact Number : 03-5630 0743
Email :
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