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Ecole P, Damansara Uptown

起立!行礼! Se-La-Mat Pa-Gi-Cik-GUU! I don''t want to friend you! Teacher! She never do her homework!

Sounds familiar? :) Does it rings a bell? Pay a visit to this little new cafe in town...and it'll certainly provoke your memories...
Ecole P, a new addition to the impossible-to-find-parking-bro Damansara Uptown. Situated on the first floor of one of the shop lots there, Ecole P is an evocative cafe that sets to make you walk down memory lane.... Why? Read on...

I heard about this cafe from one of my friend studying Culinary Arts in Taylor's University. Apparently Ecole P is opened by one of the lecturers there! We were quite keen on visiting this cafe and finally planned to have lunch together at Ecole P along with a few friends.

Walk up the flight of stairs, and you'll be greeted by a what a kid would call, nightmare-

Yes, this little cafe has its nostalgia theme of PRIMARY SCHOOL! 

There's eve a "KOPERASI" in Ecole P, where students can purchase their stationery or collectible erasers/ note book here to show off to friends... (don't tell me you've never done that =b)
And also an array of sweets, from our childhood. According to the boss, we just have to pay how much we think it cost into the piggy bank provided... =) We bought a bubble gum which can't be found in your regular sundry shop nowadays but it felt really "old"...

 Each table has a thermos flask & colourful plastic cups. Yes, complementary sky juice for everyone! (:
 Once you're seated at the mini chairs & tables, you'll be served a complementary plate of biscuits.
We were then handed a brown exercise book to do our homework, of ordering our food.
 Yes, even the fonts are so kiddy-like! Ecole P serves breakfast, healthy snack, soups & main courses such as spaghetti & chicken chop. The choices are quite limited for now as Ecole P is still the new kid of the block (:

The drink menu were written on a black board inside the cafe. All their drinks were given cute & quirky names such as Johnny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls etc.! (Click on image to enlarge) 
Ecole P was brimming with customers when we dined in , so it took quite a while for our food to arrive. Me being restless started to "explore" & tinker with the things around.

We realized that each table has a cute little back pack hanged on it so we opened it up....
 And found a cute-looking metal pencil case
And to our surprise, the culteries were actually kept in it! :D
 A little yellow bunny on the table...
Was actually a tooth pick holder!
And a glass jar, holding all sorts of hand-made signage, depicting what us as primary school kid used to say all the time tee-hee.
Maths Teacher RM8.90
A medley of Green Tea + Pandan + Pear + Apple
Cute name, cute presentation. The quirky mis-match of oriental tea cup & a teaspoon and the milk bottle certainly caught out attention. The milk bottle is actually sugar water for those who prefers their tea to be on the sweet side.
Taste wise, the tea was really aromatic & fragant, with a subtle fruity taste. I'd recommend to omit the sugar water though because the fruits added into the tea gives the tea a sweet taste.
Can't remember what drink was this. But yes, Ecole P serves all their cold drink in a plastic bag, inside a metal cup :)
Next on the table was... A tiffin tier container?
Dissemble it and you'll find a garlic bread in the top compartment, and the soup in the bottom compartment!

Loved the creativity incorporated by Ecole P. The tiffin carrier was a reminiscent of my primary school life, where my mum used to deliver home-cooked lunch to me whenever I stayed back for extra classes/club activities with a tifin carrier, until I lost in one day ...#badasskid.
 Mushroom Soup RM8.90
 Homemade mushroom soup, served with a garlic toast
The mushroom soup was certainly one of the best I've ever tasted. Each mouthful was packed with wholesome mushroom goodness. Even my chef-to-be friend gave his approval to the soup served! (:
 Prawn Linguine RM15.90
Linguine tossed with Olive Oil, Chili Flakes & Prawns.
This was my friend's order. According to him, it was a little too dry for his liking.
 Chicken Chop RM15.90
 Chicken breaded with gold fish biscuit, deep fried into perfection. Served with a side of Appleslaw and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy.
Unlike your usual fried chicken, the chicken chop served in Ecole P is encased in a layer of crunched cute little gold fish biscuits! Which explains the extra crunchy & flavourful taste of the chicken! :)

The appleslaw is basically an apple version of coleslaw. Topped with raisins, the appleslaw served as a perfect respite from the fried chicken. (: So tangy & refreshing, even a non-apple-lover like me enjoyed the appleslaw a lot!

And for the mashed potatoes, it was perfect. Perfect. So smooth & creamy, with some chunks of potatoes to give the mashed potaotes some texture, paired up with the yummy mushroom gravy, I could easily polish off the whole dish. However, it'd be better if they could be more generous in the gravy (:

Breaky Burger RM12.90
 Poached Eggs topped with Hollandaise Sauce & Ham on a buttered & toasted burger bun, served with a side of salad

Poached eggs test- CHECKED! :)
The salad was really refreshing, with its tangy dressing. What made it special, is the hawthorn flakes thrown on it. The addition hawthorn flakes not only gives the salad a pleasantly sourish aftertaste, but also a sentimental value into it :")
The burger was wonderful- the aromatic buttered bun, spilled egg yolk & Hollandaise sauce just came together so perfectly. Although you might have to reconsider ordering this for your lunch if you are someone with a huge appetite.

Overall Rating: 8/10
I'm was really impressed with this little cafe. Ecole P never fails to impress me, from its quirky names given to its food item, whimsical yet sweet decorations & its wonderful food. Ecole P definitely deserves an A+ :) It'd be a great place for gatherings, but do take note that this place wouldn't be too comfortable for tall people as their tables & chairs are made for primary school kids haha :"D

Ecole P
19, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Business Hours: 
Mon – Fri: 11am – 10pm 
Sat – Sun: 10am – 10pm
Closed on Thursday 

Contact Number: 03-7732-9711
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