Monday, 6 January 2014

Desserts @ Upstairs Cafe, SS12

Upstairs Cafe. A familar name to Subang folks. Ask anyone that is born & breed in Subang Jaya for the best place to have cake & chill, I can guarantee you that their answer would most likely be UPSTAIRS CAFE
sorry for the dark picture, but the signage's lights were switched off when I took this pic
A little humble cafe, located on the second floor (in other words, UPSTAIRS) of a shop lot facing Ramsay Sime Darby Medical Centre & Grand Dorsett Hotel. Parking there is a nuisance, as the parking spaces were really limited because most hospital/hotel goer would opt to park at the parking spaces at SS12 shop lots area due to the exorbitant parking fees charged at hotels/hospitals.
If you're lucky you'd be able to find a decent parking spot. As you set foot into Upstairs Cafe, you'll be greeted warmly by their friendly staffs, and you'll wish that you still have some luck with you as the seating in Upstairs Cafe, yep you'd guess it! Is really limited too. Luck was on our side on that night, as Guan Ren & I manage to snap a seat indoor. However, the lighting at our seat was really dim so I had to use my external flash- no not the expensive DSLR add-on but the external flash from my handphone. :P

The environment of Upstairs Cafe's at night is a total contrast as it is in the morning. At night, the cafe is dimly lit with warm orange lights to give it a romantic & relaxing ambient. Soothing music playing in the background, coupled with the aromatic smell of coffee, this place is a real feast to the eyes, ears and nose. Taste? Let's move on to the food review to see how well Upstairs Cafe fare in that :)
Red Velvet Cake RM8
Upstairs Cafe's forte. A must-try for every first timer or returning customer to Upstairs Cafe. Some even claim that Upstairs Cafe serves the best Red Velvet Cake in the Klang Valley.
Moist, fluffy, rich, with the right amount of sweetness. I wouldn't refute the claim that its the best in Klang Valley! The Red Velvet Cake served at Upstairs Cafe is definitely the best Red Velvet Cake I've ever tasted so far :) So rich and delightful. It's no wonder that Upstairs Cafe's Red Velvet Cake sells like hot cake every day! However, Guan Ren felt that the amount of cream cheese has been reduced, compared to before. It stills tasted fine for me, but if you're a fan of cream cheese you might be disappointed.
Hazelnut Latte RM8
Guan Ren's pick- the sweetness was just nice, not too overwhelming, but not too light too.
 Cappuccino RM7
My cappuccino. Not the best in town but definitely commendable.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
The coffee there is pretty average, but for the cakes, you'll have to try it out to believe :) The cakes there are to die for! I've tried the other cakes at Upstairs Cafe before such as their Hummingbird Cake & Brownies & there are also pretty good! Upstairs Cafe serves brunch from 10am-1pm as well! Read about my brunch visit HERE.

Upstairs Cafe
1st Floor, 12A, Jalan SS12/18
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Opening Hours: 10am-11pm, Mon-Sat
Closed: Sun
Tel: 03-5611 9171

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