Sunday, 26 January 2014

COSANS Coffee, SS15

Last week, I received an invitation to Cosans Coffee's coffee & food tasting event. Finally, a blogger event that is held conveniently in my own "base", SS15 Subang Jaya! Just a convenient 5 minute drive from my house (:
Cosan Coffee! A new coffee place in the ever so happening SS15. Cosans Coffee is located at one of the busiest street of SS15- that is the row facing the pasar  (same row as Crayon Burger)

As I pushed the glass door open, I was greeted enthusiastically by Cosans Coffee's warm staffs. I was instantly mesmerized by Cosans Coffee's interior as I set my foot into that place. The dim lighting, cushioned chairs, oak tables & wall emits a romantic & cosy feel. The place is decorated like a wooden cabin in the woods, as it felt really quaint and homey inside. 
Like most cafes, Cosans Coffee practices the self-service culture where patrons have to make their order & payment at the counter. The friendly Cosans staffs behind the counter were all smiles when I made my order- the hospitality there was just lovely!
Cosans serves up an array of beverages, ranging from caffeinated hot & cold drinks, frappe, chocolate, yogurt smoothie & even sodas!
There's two types of beans patrons can choose from in Cosan Coffee, that is Equarre, which has a nutty & bitter body, and Carreau, which tasted more acidic & fruity.
The food menu on the other hand is still quite limited for the time being, but just nice to satisfy those little hunger pangs with their range of sandwiches, salad & soups.
The beautiful display of salad, sandwiches and cakes! The Tiramisu (RM12.90+) Cosan serves is from the same supplier that supplies Tiramisu to Alexis!
Sandwiches are made fresh upon ordering (:
Hazelnut Latte Regular RM11; Large RM13
Yes, Cosans have the cutest Coffee Art! Taste wise, the Hazelnut Latte has a smooth body, and a sweetness that was just nice for my liking (:
Mocha Regular RM12; Large RM14
Smooth, silky body, and an aromatic & rich dark chocolate taste, simply my type of Mocha (: Like the Hazelnut Latte, the sweetness was just nice because dark chocolate was used.
Caramel Frappe Regular RM14; Large RM16
Food & Lifestyle Blogger Carmen Hong said that she enjoyed this drink a lot despite not being a coffee lover, so I assume that it was good? :D

Oreo Milkshake Regular RM12; Large RM14
I thought that this milkshake needs a little more Oreo and less ice-cream as it tasted too milky to my liking. 
Nutella Strawberry Frappe 
I was quite skeptical to try out this drink at first, but it actually tasted not bad! Cosans uses up to 4 strawberries to make a cup of Nutella Strawberry Frappe. The Nutella Strawberry Frappe has a thick consistency & a strong Nutella body, I'd recommend one to share this drink as it'd get a little too cloying if one were to finish this on his/her own.
Cosans Double Mocha
This has to be my favourite ice-blended drink @ Cosans. Sweetness was just alright, and the chocolate had the perfect intensity of sweetness. Best of all, I did not felt jelak after finishing the whole drink on my own :)

Hanami RM10
Japanese Sencha with Cherry Blossom. In Japan, "Hanami" is an activity carried out by the Japanese in Spring, when the Sakura is in full bloom. Families & friends will get together to visit parks for picnic while enjoying the beautiful cherry blossom scenery. This "Hanami" activity is reputably able to give a calming effect to one's mind.
And yes, this tea actually lives up to its name. The sweet Sakura scent gave me a calming effect to my mind and soul. The fragrance of the tea is just love! A perfect respite from all the sweet & milky frappes we had earlier on.
Asianese Roasted Chicken RM12
Wholemeal bread stuffed with roasted chicken thighs, lemongrass, shallots & coriander. 
The sandwich tasted truly Asian, thanks to the addition of lemongrass and coriander that gives this dish a distinctive flavour. The chicken was tender and succulent. The sandwich felt really healthy, as the chicken was only marinated lightly and wholemeal bread was used.
This sandwich is enjoyable, if you are a fan of coriander. I was never a fan of coriander so I don't really fancy this combination. 
Smoked Duckling RM15
Wholemeal bread stuffed with Smoked Duck with melted mozarella, tomatoes and arugula
I was actually quite looking forward to taste this sandwich as I have a "thing" for smoked duck. Unfortunately, the smoked duck in this sandwich wasn't really on par of what I've expected. The smoked duck tasted bland and the texture was tad rubbery. I gave them the feedback about this sandwich and hopefully it'll be better in the future :)
We were also given a demonstration of two coffee brewing method- Aeropress & Pour Over, by one of Cosans Coffee award winning barista :)

aeropress method
It was certainly a very informative session- I never knew coffee brewing was such a precise & tedious process! From the size of the beans, to the temperature of water required. After this session I've learn to appreciate coffee more, and not just judge them base on the body and coffee art. :)

Thank you so much Cosans Coffee for the invite! Had a really great night with fellow bloggers! Get to know a few new blogger friends such as Emily, Sandra, Jessica  , Yvone & Zhi Xin and also got to catch up with blogger friends I've met in previous event hehe :)
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Cosans Coffee
No 30 (Ground Floor), Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Business Hours:
10am-12am Sunday -Thursday
10am- 2am Friday & Saturday

Contact Number: 03-5612 9600
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