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Ben's & Nick's Diner, E-Tiara Apartment

Ben's & Nick's Diner, is one of the oldest western restaurants in Subang Jaya. It has been around for more than 10 years but it somehow never caught my attention due to its secluded location at E-Tiara Apartment. I only found out of its existence after Guan Ren told me about it. His brother took us for dinner there last year near Christmas and I was impressed with the food there. I did't blog about it at then because the photos were all blurred.

So when mum asked me to suggest a good western diner for a lovely dinner with my relatives, sure enough, B&N was the first on my mind so here we are!

Located at the corner of E-Tiara Apartment, B&N diner occupies just a small compound of the place. The sitting was really limited, really claustrophobic, if you'd ask me. B&N has a outdoor & indoor seating area.
It is advisable for one to make a reservation if you were to visit here on a weekend. I really love the indoor seating, as it felt really homey & cosy, with all the vintage posters plastered on the wallpapers & sweet, dainty decorations like tea cups and tea pots placed around.

Garlic Cheese Bread RM4.90
Sliced baguette spread with a generous layer of garlic butter & topped with cheese.
The bread was toasted to perfection hence explain the crunchy texture, bursting with an aromatic garlic taste. Love the generosity of the cheese given.
Mushroom Soup RM6.90
The mushroom soup was tad diluted and watery on my opinion as they blended the mushroom completely. Would have preferred if they would leave some bits and chunks of mushroom to give it some "texture"
Clam Chowder RM9.90
The seafood chowder on the other hand, fared much better than the latter. Generous amount of clamp & fish with a cheesy molten cheese on the bottom of the bowl. Creamy & flavourful with each mouthful, I was really reluctant to share this with my mum #badkid
Fried Calamaris RM16.90
The fried calamaris were served on a bed of fries so I was a little disappointed. I felt that this dish is a little too pricey as there were only a few pieces of calamari rings.
Taste wise, it was okay. Not too greasy, but not that great either. Loved the tar tar dipping sauce though. Tangy, delightful
Smoked Duck RM29.90
Smoked Duck served with Jam & Vinaigrette Salad & Granny Smith Apple Salad.
The smoked duck was bursting with flavours! Savoury and salty, this is definitely one of my favourite dish of the night, though my dad find it tad salty.
Cajun Prawns RM28.90
Fire-Grilled Shrimps, served with a side of steamed vegetables and fries
The cajun shrimps had a wonderful smokey flavour. It was really well marinated, but somehow I felt that it was tad dry.
Beef Carbonara RM16.90
Carbonara pasta served with your desired choice of noodles (angle hair/fettucini/spaghetti), topped with shredded cheese & a generous amount of beef bacons.

One thing I loved about B&N is the liberty to choose your desired noodles & toppings. All noodles are priced the same but the price of the toppings varies according to the ingredients.

Carbonara pasta is actually one of B&N's specialty. But the beef carbonara tasted quite diluted on that night. When I first tried it back in December last year it was a lot much better =/
Seafood Mariana RM28.90
Tomato based sauce served with your desired choice of noodles, topped with shredded cheese & a medley of seafood (Mussels, Prawns & Squid)
I didn't get to try this so I was unsure on how it tasted. But one thing for sure, the amount of seafood given was generous!
Lamb Shank RM37.90
Baked Lamb Shank served with a side of steamed veggies.
I thought that the lamb shank had some unpleasant smell which overpowered the dish =/ But the meat was tender and it falls off the bones easily.

Apple Crumble RM7.90
Homemade Apple Crumble topped with a giant scoop of vanilla ice-cream
As the apple crumble was pipping hot fresh out of the oven, the ice-cream melted really fast, creating a mess, that was blissfully wonderful. Definitely a must-try!
Bread Pudding RM7.90
Warm bread pudding topped with a generois scoop of ice-cream, and further topped with Raspberry sauce.
The pipping hot bread pudding was just fabulous! The sweetness was just alright, and the fluffy bread pudding goes really very well with the icy cold ice-cream! :)

Overall Rating: 6.0
The food was just so-so on that night, but the desserts were to die for :) Somehow I felt that B&N diner lacks of consistency in their food, because it was fabulous during my previous visit :/

Ben's & Nick's Diner
Lot G10,
e-Tiara Service Apartments, 
Persiaran Kemajuan 
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor 

Business Hours:
Mondays - Saturdays
1.45 a.m. - 2.30 p.m. & 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays, 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. on Saturdays

Contact no.: +60162010189
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