Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Sushi Tei, Setia City Mall

My last night staying over at my aunt's house, aunt decided to splurge a little and she brought me out to the only shopping mall in Setia Alam, Setia City Mall, for a dinner & shopping treat
We dined in at Sushi Tei as I am a big fan of Japanese Food. Felt so loved by aunt <3
The modern Japanese interior of Sushi Tei. Love the warm lighting and lantern hanging around, which emits a cosy feeling. Diners can choose to dine at the sushi bar, overlooking the chef slicing the sashimi & rolling the sushi rolls or at the usual conventional square table.
Hot Ocha RM2 per serving, free refills
Salmon Sashimi (5 pcs) RM10.80
The sashimi did not tasted fresh. Was quite disappointed of it.
Green Plate- Not really sure what was the name of this sushi as I grabbed it from the conveyor belt.
Mayo tuna wrapped in rice, seaweeds and more seaweeds. The tuna was nice and tangy, it complements the savoury & salty seaweed perfectly.
Volcano Roll
A medley of sushi rice rolled with ebiko, unagi & cream cheese.
This roll will definitely trigger a volcanic explosion at your taste buds. In a good way. The creamy cream cheese was slightly burnt on top to give an aromatic taste & molten texture. One bite and I'm hooked. Volcanic explosion!
Spider Sushi Roll RM11.80
A healthier alternative to a sushi roll. Now I am aware of the fact that sushi are already very healthy as minimal oil is used, but this version of sushi has no rice in it. The vegetables and crunchy deep fried soft shell crabs are wrapped with a thin layer of popiah skin. Each bite packs a crunch & a punch. Delightful.
Sashimi Salad RM12.80, Sushi Tei special dressing
The salad features a mixture of greens, shredded carrots, sliced Japanese cucumbers, refreshing lemon slices and generous chunks of salmon & maguro.
The salad was alright, refreshing, tangy with a hint of sweetness like the usual Japanese salad dressing. However, the dressing here wasn't really memorable. It was alright, just alright, but not really outstanding.
Chirashi Don
Japanese rice topped with salmon sashimi, flying fish roe & sliced japanese cucumbers.
The salmon sashimi here was also not fresh, but I loved the flying fish roe which burst in my mouth as I take a bite. Goes perfectly with the soft & fluffy Japanese rice.
Seafood Spicy Ramen
The broth was spicy & flavourful. It delivered a "punch" with each sip. It didn't tasted too greasy despite the blots of oils on the surface of the soup. The ramen was just OK, Musashi serves better ones obviously but the standard of this Ramen is considered not bad, for a Japanese restaurant selling almost every thing.

Overall Rating: 6/10
The food was so-so, service was slightly below par. The young lady that took our order ordered an extra oyako don for us, missed a few orders & looked like she was sleepwalking. We waited at the cashier for nearly 10 minutes as the waiters did not know how to

Sushi Tei
UG21 Setia City Mall,
Setia Alam, Shah Alam

Contact Number: +603–5879 6108
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