Saturday, 28 December 2013

Standing Theory, SS2

Christmas Day. Guan Ren and I was feeling quite unwell. Having spent Christmas Eve at home resting already, we die-die also want to go out. We decided to just have tea together. As it was Christmas Day, most of the cafe would be crowded or closed. Guan Ren said he was craving for cakes, and me as usual, wanted coffee. Went through my list of "To eat" and found what we were looking for.
Standing Theory, another new cafe in town. Located in the obscure area of SS2, we had to waze our way there, into the less traveled commercial lots located amid the residential area. Thought that the cafe will be less crowded but I was wrong- The whole cafe was buzzing with activities when we reached, a really good sign for a cafe in such a secluded area.
The menu was fairly simple, handwritten on the chalkboard hanging on the wall behind the counter. For now, Standing Theory only serves drinks, cakes & light meals such as Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette) and Chili Con Carne, but they will be launching a dinner menu soon :D
(Photos were taken right before we left, so it seems really empty here =p)
The environment at Standing Theory was simple & minimal. Dark, grey wall, wooden furniture, with contrasting blue & orange chairs, light bulbs hanging in the air emitting a warm orange light. It gives me a calming & relaxing vibes.
A one-of-a-kind communal table.
Fruity White Tea RM7
Guan Ren's order. According to him it was nice & fruity.
Cappuccino RM10
The cappuccino served here, is how I would define a cup of a good cappuccino. No further elaboration needed. Served alongside with a sweet chocolate chip cookie to strike a balance in taste. Heavenly.
Red Velvet Cake
Was battling between waffles or cake but we went for cakes instead, as planned initially (Guan Ren even suggested BOTH. The waffles really seemed tempting as it is topped with Fat Baby Ice-Cream, Bacons, Banana & Cornflakes! Next visit perhaps).
The red velvet cake was soft, moist & fluffy. It tasted not too sweet, just nice for my liking. Paired up with the smooth cream cheese layer, one bite and I'm sold. However, I would prefer Upstairs Cafe's Red Velvet Cake due to its moisture texture. The one in Standing Theory wasn't the best I've tried, but definitely one of the best in town =)

Overall Rating: 7.5/10
A cosy cafe, suitable for reading & chilling on a lazy afternoon, serving really good coffee & cakes. Definitely my cup of Tea ;)

Standing Theory
26, Jalan SS2/103,
47300 Petaling Jaya,

Operation Hours :
Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

Contact Number: 016-212 4421
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