Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nutmeg, Bangsr Village (Second Visit)

On my previous post I claimed that I will never ever never ever never set foot into Nutmeg again. Cousin just came back from Australia, and the other cousin is flying off to Boston soon so we decided to meet up for lunch & tea. Monday afternoon, and we were driving around Bangsar aimlessly with an empty stomach because most of my favourite picks were closed or overcrowded. Somehow, Nutmeg just crossed our mind so here we are...Perhaps thing has change and it's time to rejudge.

A waiter told us to wait outside while he serve the other customers. We waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Till my cousin got impatient & so we walked in and be seated ourself.

It wasn't long till the waiter handed us our menu. Was browsing through it and we realize that our cousin has an additional menu- a Set Lunch Menu!

Priced at RM28 per set, the set lunch has a disclaimer clearly stating "NO SHARING ALLOWED". All of us bent over to catch a better glimpse of the set lunch menu. A waiter (the same waiter who told us to wait) walked pass and we asked if we could get a few extra lunch set menu. The waiter stared at the menu, and he snatched it away without saying a word, leaving us blank.

Feeling lost, we asked the waiter why did he took away the menu. He said :"SET LUNCH IS SERVED TILL 2PM ONLY. IT'S 2.05PM NOW." We were really baffled by his statement. He could have at least told us that when he took away the menu, not just snatch it away without saying a thing.

Not wanting our lunch date to be ruined by that waiter, we brushed it aside, quickly browse through the menu, and have our order taken down by a different waiter.

Fried Mac & Cheese RM6
Mac & Cheese, coated with a golden crunchy layer of batter, deep fried. Served with a dollop of salsa
This time round, the Fried Mac & Cheese was served pipping hot. Skin was golden & crunchy, amount of cheese was much generous compared to my previous visit. Crunchy on the outside, soft, aromatic & rich with a cheesy taste on the inside. A delight to my taste buds.
-UNAVAILABLE- because I misplaced the receipt 
My brother's order. Pasta was cooked till al-dente, with each strand on noodle perfectly coated with the meat sauce which was creamy. The meat sauce has a generous amount of meat, perfect for a carnivores like my brother. One bite, the harmonic medley of sourish tomato paste, savoury & creamy cheese, aromatic herbs & chunky meat leave me craving for more.
Salmon Aglio Olio
Spaghetti cooked till al dente, tossed with olive oil & generous chunks of smoked salmon.
The spaghetti was well seasoned, compliments the chunks of salmon well. But I thought that the noodles were tad dry.
Egg's Benedicts RM26
Poached Eggs, Choice of Smoked Salmon/Ham, topped with Hollandaise sauce on a homemade Brioche bread, served with a side of salad.
The eggs were perfectly poached- egg yolk flowed out graciously. The whole combination of fluffy brioche bread, homemade hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon & egg was heavenly.
Southern Fried Breakfast RM26
Deep Fried Breaded Chicken, Eggs done by any choice desired, Hashed Potatoes with gravy, Biscuit & a side of Salad. The portion of this dish was huge, I thought that it was suffice to feed two moderate eater.
The star of this dish would definitely be the Scrambled Eggs & Biscuit. The scrambled eggs had the right consistency, creamy & aromatic. The biscuit tasted like scones but less buttery & crumbly than a scone, just like how I like it. The breaded fried chicken, was definitely better than any *ahem* fast food chain. Juicy & succulent in the inside & crispy on the outside. However, the chicken was a little greasy so it felt a little cloying at the end of my meal. The greens on the side served as a good respite from the protein-packed meal. The hashed potatoes tasted a little mediocre even with the gravy.

The food served at Nutmeg certainly have improved a lot, compared to my previous visit. Service wise, we only met ONE(1) unfriendly waiter on that day which was the waiter that ignored us & snatched the set lunch menu away. A waiter helped us refilled our water whenever our glass was empty, with a smile on his face. One of the chef (I assume is the head chef) checked on us to make sure we were satisfied with our orders.

Overall Rating: N/A

If it weren't for that unfriendly waiter I'd have enjoyed my meal so much more. I have a bundle of mixed reaction towards Nutmeg. Food served here is unique, but I have zero tolerance towards horrible customer service so hope that Nutmeg could work on that. I wouldn't want a restaurant's name to be tarnished just because of a black sheep.

UGF-28A Bangsar Village II,
2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

Business Hours: 9:30am – 10pm

Contact Number: +603 2201 3663
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