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Manmaru Udon, Mid Valley

As mentioned in my "About Me" section, I'm a big fan of Japan, be it Japanese Food, Culture, Language, Anime etc. Since young, I've always been a fan of Japanese food such as sushi, tenpura, ramen, donburi, soba, udon, sashimi and so on.

But ever since I visited Japan last year, my perception towards Japanese food changed. My expectation towards Japanese food sky-rocketed. So I am really ecstatic to finally find one Udon fast-food restaurant that really impressed me.
Thanks to Eric & Ah Bok, I was invited to a food tasting session at Manmaru Udon, Mid Valley! (: FINALLY, a Japanese fast food restaurant specializing in Udon, and only Udon. "Manmaru", which means a full circle in Japanese, depicts a well-rounded restaurant, with top-notch service as well as great food served
What I loved about Manmaru Udon is the self-service concept there, which is exactly how they do it in Japan. Patrons have to make their order & payment at the counter first, then be seated & chillax while waiting for your noodles. The open-kitchen concept enabled the patrons to observe how the udon noodles were prepared from scratch with awe.
What makes Manmaru Udon stands out from other restaurant serving Udon is the quality & freshness of the Udon. Each strand of noodles were made from scratch in store using quality wheat flour imported from Japan to ensure the quality & the "Q-ness" of the noodle is upholded.
The owner of Manmaru Udon even traveled all the way to Kagawa, Japan which is famous for Udon to learn the art producing a perfect bowl of Udon.
You can also pair up your Udon with these lovely & crunchy deep-fry fritters (tenpura) to complete your dining experience ! I was really impressed on the array of tenpura served! From ebi (prawns) to karage (chicken)..ika (squid) and so much more!
Courtesy of Richard, the chef executive of Manmaru Udon, we get to try out ALL of the Udons served at Manmaru Udon as well as some of the side dishes (:
Kimchi Udon RM11.90 Small; RM13.90 Large
Kimchi,spicy fermented vegetables, is a staple food at Korea. The kimchi broth was really appetizing and flavourful. Each strand of noodle, which was cooked till el-dente, was coated evenly with the flavourful broth, tantalizing my taste buds with each bite.
Kake Udon RM8.90; RM10.90 Large
The basic & classic soy broth Udon. The broth was sweet & flavourful, I wouldn't mind finishing the broth till the last drop. A simple yet sweet dish (:
Niku Udon RM12.90 Small; RM14.90 Large
Udon served with thinly sliced beef & spinach.
The beef slice was tender & flavourful, it sort of give me the "melt-in-the-mouth" sensation. A must-order for beef lovers out there.
Zaru Udon RM8.90 Small; RM10.90 Large
Cold Udon, served with a dip-sauce. The long, lovely, firm yet chewy texture of the cold noodle, coated in the dipping sauce was a delight to my taste buds.
Bukake Udon RM11.90 Small; RM13.90 Large
Cold Udon dashed with thick fish broth. I enjoyed this dish as much as I enjoyed the Zaru Udon as I am more inclined to cold food so this was really appealing to my taste buds, along with the flavourful fish broth.
Ume Udon RM10.90 Small; RM12.90 Large
Udon served with sour plum. This udon was sourish & refreshing. Felt a little like tomyam soup, minusing the spiciness & greasiness of a tom yam soup.
Kare Udon RM10.90 Small; RM12.90 Large
Udon served in a thick, aromatic & sweet curry broth. Japanese curries tend to be on the sweet side so if you're a fan of Japanese curry go for it!
Kamo Seiro Udon RM13.90 Small; RM15.90 Large
Another bowl of Udon that truly stands out. The springy and Q udon was served in a tasteless broth, what makes this Udon win my heart was the smoked duck in gravy served on the side. The smoked duck was savoury, tender and soooo juicy! The gravy served with the duck was on the saltier side, to balance up the tasteless broth.
Cream Corn Udon RM12.90 Small; RM14.90 Large
A modern approach to Japanese food. The Cream Corn Udon was most of the girls & my personal favourtite at Manmaru Udon. A tasty & creamy cream base soup with generous servings of corn. The cream-base soup not too watery nor cloying, it was just nice to my liking (:
Kamage Udon RM12.90
A traditional Udon dish cooked till al-dente & served alongside with a warm, kamage dipping sauce. How do you eat it? You dip the strands of noodle into the sweet kamage sauce bursting with the aromatic sesame taste. Truly unique & authentic.
Yasai Kakiage Tenpura RM1.50 per piece
A mixture of 9 different shredded vegetables, coated in a crunchy layer of tenpura flour & deep fried
Despite being deep fried, the tenpura does not taste oily at all. The mixture of 9 different kind of veggies give this tenpura a distinctive taste & texture.

Green Pepper Tenpura RM1.80 per piece

Ika Karage (Squid) RM3.30 per piece
An all-time favourite. Squid was fresh & crunchy

White Fish Tenpura RM3 per piece
Crunchy on the outside, soft & tender in the inside. The fish was really fresh and did not have any unpleasant fishy smell (:
Tori Karage (Chicken) RM2 per piece
The deboned chicken piece was well-marinated and coated with a crunchy layer of tenpura batter. I really enjoyed it but some felt that it was too salty.
Enoki Tenpura RM1.50 per piece
Deep fried golden needle mushroom.
Hanjuku Tamago RM2 per piece
Soft boiled egg marinated with soy sauce. One bite and flavours come bursting out. The yolk was slightly runny inside, just nice for my liking (:

Overall Rating: 8/10
Really satisfied with the food there =) The "Q" and bouncy udon noodle certainly won my heart, along with the broth/gravy that accompanied along with the udon & the crispy tempura as well as the pleasant service.

Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる
S-045A, Center Court,
Second Floor,
Midvalley City Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2282 0287

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