Monday, 16 December 2013

Coffea Coffee, SS15

When Coffea Coffee opened in Subang Jaya in early this year, being cafe lovers, Guan Ren & I visited this place on the first few days after it opened. I felt in love with the coffee there & had always been yearning to return.

However, Coffea Coffee is always crowded. We returned once or twice after our first visit only to leave feeling disappointed as we did not manage to snap a seat and are forced to go to somewhere else to fill our body with caffeine satisfy our coffee cravings.

Until a fine weekday night, Guan Ren's high school friends asked us out for a yumcha session. We headed to Coffea Coffee because it was the only few coffee shop that serves up decent coffee & cakes till 12am!

The lovely facade at night, with drapes of vines running over the brick walls
Coffea Coffee is actually a coffee franchise from Korea! The first outlet was opened in the ever cafe-saturated Bangsar.

A whiff of coffee aroma greeted us as we pushed the glass door open. It was already 10pm when we arrived but the cafe was really lively- chitter chatters of the crowd, the sound from the coffee grinder. We were really lucky to be able to grab a table for two, even though there was four of us lol.

An alluring display of freshly baked pastries & cakes. A feast to the eyes.
Coffea Coffee allows patrons to choose their preferred choice of beans, namely “Maestro” for those who like strong full-bodied blend and “Madonna” for those who prefer coffee with a slight acidity.
Barista in action!
Caramel Macchiato (Cold) RM13
The caramel was aromatic all right, however, I felt that the drink was wayyyy too sweet for my liking.
Nut Brownie with Ice-cream RM7.90
The brownie was dense & extremely rich in chocolate. The chocolate drizzled on top further enhanced the taste of the brownie. The warm brownie served alongside with the cold velvety vanilla ice-cream depicts a perfect & happy marriage of food (:  Perfect for sharing as it'd be a little too cloying if one were to eat it on its own.

Peanut Butter Latte RM12
Have been dying to try this out for so long and finally get to try it! :D
Smooth, velvety in texture. Strong, aromatic peanut butter, with a subtle chocolate-y taste. So rich, yet not too sweet. Perfect for my tastebud.
Couldn't taste any coffee in it lol but I certainly loved it very very very much. Recommended for all peanut butter lovers out there.
Madonna Tiramisu RM10
Smooth creamy texture, ladies fingers perfectly soaked in coffee, a dash of aromatic cocoa, resulting in a bitter-sweet after taste with a hint of alcohol. It was alright

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
I'd go to Coffea Coffee for their coffees & Peanut Butter Latte only during odd hours, to beat the crowd. The crowd was simply too overwhelming. Their desserts were so-so, not really amazing but it was decent.

Coffea Coffee
Address: A-10, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya,

Business Hours: 
9am-12am (Sun-Thurs) 
9am-late (Fri, Sat and Eve of Public Holidays)
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