Sunday, 15 December 2013

Burger Factory, SS15

So it was a Public Holiday & the start of our sem break on Wednesday! Went out with Guan Ren as usual, and we couldn't decide where to go/have lunch because being a public holiday, every where would be jam jam jam and parking would be sacred.

So we decided to check out the newly opened burger outlet at SS15, BURGER FACTORY!
Once we set our foot into Burger Factory we were greeted warmly by the staffs clad in black tees. I really loved the warm & simple interior of Burger Factory. White-washed furniture, with a touch of barnyard-style design- It made me feel homey & welcomed.
Burger Factory is a two-story building with ample & spacious seating available.
The second floor seating, consist of the fully air-conditioned indoor seating & outdoor balcony seating! The balcony seating really reminded us of Bonjour Gardens at Kota Damansara.
 Took us quite some time to decide on which burger to go for. The dazzling array of burgers served at Burger Factory really seemed so tempting! Beef burger, chicken burger, vegan burger....and also seafood burger!
And despite being a Burger Factory, Burger Factory does not only churns out burgers from their "factory", but also western & Asian delights such as pastas, Japanese pizzas, fried rice & so on! But since the Burger Factory is called, Burger Factory, we decided to go for what they specializes in- BURGERS.

Our orders took a while to arrive as there was quite a crowd during lunch hour. When the waiter served us, he handed us 2 sets of cutlery. We understood why as he placed the burger in front of us.
Americano (Set) RM18.80
Grilled Beef Patty, Cheddar Cheese, Sunny Side Up, Gherkin, & Fry Sauce
The size of the burger is huge! Much bigger than my burgerlab's , Big Chomp's & Burgertory's! Was really pleased as I was really starving (but at the same time, felt lazy as I prefer using my hands to eat a burger)
How did the taste fare?
Beef patties were juicy & flavourful. The fry sauce was creamy & delightful, yet not cloying at all. Burger bun soft & fluffy. Loved the fact that they serve curly fries instead of the usual french fries.
The only complain I had was the curly fries was tad salty & the beef patties crumbled apart- Another big mess created lol
Marine Tales (ala carte) RM15.90
Double Sunny Side Up, Prawn Chunks, Fish Fillet, Double Grilled Pineapples, Caramelized Onions &  Fry Sauce
I got the seafood burger as I never tried/heard of it before so I decided to give it a go.
The burgers at Burger Factory definitely exceeded my expectation.
Flavours were really well-balanced. The ingredients just came together perfectly. The double grilled pineapples, especially, tasted so juicy & sweet. Onions were perfectly caramelized, fry sauce compliments the fish fillets & prawns perfectly- this burger is perfect.

Another thing about Burger Factory's burger, is that it made us feel less guilty after we consumed it. Not sure why, but it definitely did not felt greasy nor cloying at all. And the amount of veggie inside the burgers was really generous too!
Overall Rating: 9/10

The best burger place in Subang Jaya, on my opinon.

My personal favourite would still be my Burgerlab, no doubt (die-hard fan of my burgerlab here! =p). But Burger Factory's burger was impressive- I love it. Tasted good, portion was huge & service was pleasant too.

Burger Factory
A13, Jalan SS15/4D, 
SS15 Subang Jaya

Business Hours: 
11am-12am Daily

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