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Wondermilk, Citta Mall + Thor 2 Movie Review

I wonder if anyone here is imaginating a milk carton, wearing his underwear outside, clad in a cape when they heard about "Wondermilk"...

Hey, according to 9gag, you're not alone.

LOL, okay back to topic. So Guan Ren decided to drive to Citta Mall to watch THOR 2! We were deciding between Baci and Wondermilk to have lunch at. We picked Wondermilk simply because my Pinch of Salt card (Discount card for Chaswood Restaurants) was out of privileges lol!

Once you set foot into Wondermilk you'll feel like you've been transported to some cute little sweet shop that you always read in Enid Blyton's book. With the exposed red brick wall, all the colourful banners hanging around and also the quirky posters plastered all over the wall.
I really love the interior of Wondermilk. It felt really homey, thanks to the artistic & creative interior design. I felt like it was really PINTREST inspired ;)
Their food menu!
Wondermilk mostly serves deli-style food, specializing in sandwiches and snacks such as fries :D 
Their drink menu!
This was our third visit to Wondermilk. All these while we had only been here for their Wondermilk aka flavoured milk. This was actually our first time having a proper meal and NOT ordering wondermilk.

 Wondermilk is a self-service restaurant. Once you made your order, you'll be given a tin with your order number. Your number will be called out once your drinks are ready. =)

As we were waiting for our food, I whipped out my camera and start snapping away! After all, the interior designs there just simply irresistible
I bet every girl who comes into this shop will go ga-ga over the designs haha.


Wondermilk is actually famous for their cute cupcakes but I've never ever buy them before =P I've only tried it once, when Jeanette bought it to college a day after her birthday. So sweet of her =)
Apparently you can customize your own designs for your cupcakes. You can check out their website for more info :)
Postcard hanging around the "tree". Wondermilk also sells handmade postcards which are worth checking out as low as RM1! :D
Children's Corner!
A mini mock kitchen, with tiny pots and pans for the little ones to entertain themselves.
Sometimes I feel a little jealous as there wasn't much child friendly restaurants when I was young =( lol.

Not really sure if the food arrived fast cause I was so busy with my camera I didn't realize our order has arrived lol.
Baked Potato with Tuna & Cheese RM8.90
Jacket potato stuffed with tuna, cheese & topped with mayo and chopped spring onions, with a side of green
The cheese & mayo oozed out as I embrace the potato. The amount of tuna & cheese were generous!The baked potato was baked to perfection and I have nothing else to say. This dish was perfect!
Morning Marilyn RM14.90
Chicken Frank Slices in creamy black pepper sauce, mushroom and cheese omelette, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast
This dish was a little disappointing :/ When it was served to us it was already cold =(
The omelette has a buttery aromatic fragrance. However, it was overcooked and...the amount of cheese and mushroom was reaaaaaally scanty. The tomato was baked to perfection. It was sweet & juicy just the way I like it. The chicken sausage was seasoned with chives, thank goodness not chopped cilantro ^^" However, it tasted average, couldn't really taste the creamy black pepper sauce, nothing to shout about. Baked beans are the ones you get from a can. Salad was...salad. LOL. Guan Ren ate the bread and I forgotten to ask him how did it fared.

Personally, I felt that the price is steep for such a small portion.
Overall, I'd rate wonder milk a 6.5/10 :) The environment would score a perfect 5/5 though.I'd say go for the baked potatoes and wondermilk ;)

Oh and we bought a Rainbow in a Jar for RM15 for our friend, Jonathan :) It's basically Rainbow Cake in a Jar, forgotten to snap a pic of it so...hope this birthday boy wouldn't mind LOL. Well, according to him, it wasn't something he'd recommend sooo...JUST GO FOR THE WONDERMILK *pictures milk carton box in cape*

+Wondermilk Citta Mall
Lot G-48 Citta Mall,
Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-78317296

Movie Review time! Let me assure you, there are absolutely no spoilers here =p
After that Guan Ren and I watched Thor 2 at MBO, Citta Mall :D
Even though we watched it on the first day of launching (31st October), the cinema was quite empty. Only the first three rows were occupied.We managed to snap a really decent seat despite only purchasing our tickets 2 hours before the movie! And we bought the ticket for only RM9 ;) Student Price

Citta Mall's MBO is AMAZING. I felt like as if I was in a Theme Park! It's also really huge, like a maze. Giant legos plastered on the walls, funky mirror that distorts your body shape LOL. I couldn't slow down to snap pictures of the surrounding cause......we were running late and the pathway to the hall was soo long we practically burnt all the calories we had during lunch lol. Just kidding if burning calories were that easy.

Soooo, the movie.
You'd probably read the summary of the movie somewhere so let me skip to the other parts. If not, HERE YA GO.
I'd rate it a 7/10. I've never watch the first Thor movie, but I was able to pick up the movie quick (because not much reference to the first movie was used LOLLLLLL). Plot was predictable but the storyline has some twists and drama to keep it interesting and intriguing.

Love the humour incorporated in =)  And secretly in love with the boots Jane Foster wore throughout the movie. Only food spotted in the movie was their breakfast when the movie was about to end.

PS Stay back for and wait for the credit ends for a surprise.
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