Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tapper's Cafe, Oasis Square Ara Damansara

 After our coffee session at Coffee ETC, Guan Ren and I proceeded for dinner at Oasis. It started drizzling, and we wanted to try something new, something other than Bad Boy Cooks which we visited a few times(Link HERE and HERE). So we decided to head to Tappers Cafe which was just located across the road from Coffee ETC! (next to Epiphany Coffee)
Tappers Cafe is a cafe serving an array of food, mostly Hainanese style and Western style. We were struck with awe while flipping through the menu. From sandwiches to omelette to nasi lemak and to laksa...Tapper's menu will definitely please anyone's palate =)

 It was love at first sight. The environment, I mean. I was instantly mesmerized by its interiors. White washed walls, paired up with white garden tables and chair, with white framed windows and mirror enclosing the cafe. I felt like I am in a story book. The cafe felt so tranquil, peaceful and relaxing. 

Green Tea (Pot) RM3.80

Guan Ren: "Are you feeling sophisticated(Darjeeling Tea) or Japanese(green tea)?" 

That's hold we choose our tea =p
The green tea was decent and flavourful. However no one offered to refill our tea pot so I was kinda disappointed.

Caesar Salad RM10.90
Romaine salad tossed with homemade caesar dressing and parmesan cheese powder, chicken bacon, hard boiled eggs and chopped cherry tomatoes
I really liked the chicken bacon. It was fried till crisp, giving an extra crunch to the salad. However, I find the salad quite dry. The proportion of salad to dressing was slightly off.
 Hainanese Fried Fish & Chips RM11.90
Fried battered fish in Hainanese sauce, with a generous side of fries. The fish was quite fresh, and it was fried to perfection. The batter was crispy, but I find it tad too thick. The sweet Hainanese sauce complements the dish perfectly, paired up with the soft and tender green peas and caramelized onion. Guan Ren finds this dish average though. He claims that we have been having too much good food recently so food which are just slightly above average now taste average to him haha :D

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Tappers Oasis Square
D-G-05, Block D,
Oasis Square 2A,
Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Ara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel : 03 7832 5668
Mon - Fri 7.30 AM - 10 PM
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays
8 AM - 10 PM


Anyways, it was my very first time visiting Oasis at night so we decided to go for a stroll after our dinner =)

The night scene is completely different. Oasis sure is a lot more livelier at night. With all the pretty lights and water fountain :) 

 Sadly, it was too dark to take a decent photo =( Please note that I am an anti-camera-flash person, unless someone would like to sponsor me an external flash *wink wink*

So we walked around...and finally found a spot where the lights from the restaurant is bright enough for us to snap a better photo :D

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