Friday, 8 November 2013

South Sea Seafood, Kampung Baru Subang

My aunt has came all the way from Melbourne back to Malaysia for a month =) She only returns to Malaysia once a year so my family decided to bring her out to a fancy Chinese restaurant!

South Sea Seafood Restaurant was top on our list! I'm sure most of you have heard of this restaurant before. It is located near the Subang old airport and is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood delights.
We did not face any elusive parking problems here as parking is provided for customers. Best of all, there wasn't any illegal jockey around collecting extortion fees.
South Sea was established in 1989. It has since underwent a major revamp and face lift over the years. You can see that by judging its beautiful exterior.
South Sea has an indoor air-conditioned dining area and also a much larger outdoor dining area. What happens if it rains? Their ceiling is actually "adjustable" =D The staffs can manually close the outdoor dining area!

What makes South Sea seafood so fresh? All their seafood are alive and kicking, displayed at a corner of the restaurant. It's like a mini aquarium there. Except the fact patrons get to choose which sea creature will be their dinner tonight.
Slipper Prawns!
The world is your oyster, the tank is the oyster's world.
 Spider Crab VS Jiaqi's Fist
Their staff in action, catching the shell fish out to be someone's dinner. Kinda sad but..that's the cycle of life. South Sea serves up splendor of sea creatures in various cooking method. Just take your pick and the kitchen crew will do their job.

 There's even a wine cellar there! Wine tasting is available too.
 The glamorous display of wines! If you were to bring your own wine to South Sea you'll be charge a corkage fee though
Now one thing you could not miss while in South Sea is their toilet.
In case you're wondering where I took this picture, it is outside the toilet. LOL
I'd rate South Sea toilet 5 Stars. No kidding. Their toilet is decorated bali style, with wooden doors and traditional wooden sculpture hanging around, touched up with  of modern gadgets. (Their w No pictures here I don't want to be known as a pervert -_- Lol.
Like most Chinese restaurant, we were served peanuts as our tid bits before we indulge in our seafood splendour meal.

 Live Oyster
The oysters were certainly really fresh. For those who are faint hearted, you can opt for it to be baked in cheese.

Tiger Prawns in Herbal Soup + Wine
The broth is super sweet! Love it so much! The prawns too, were succulent and fresh. But I loved the broth more than the prawns lol =P

Steamed Sea Garoupa
Felt as if the Garoupa was slightly overcooked =/ But the texture was still OK and it was fresh. But the sauce was really tasty and goes very well will rice. We couldn't help it but to order a few bowls of rice just to eat it with the sauce
Fried Yau Mak
A vege dish to ensure our diet is balanced. Never liked Chinese cooking style for vegies as I find it too oily.
Fried Lala Bihun
Fried Bihun topped with lala, bean sprouts and dried squid
The dish was full of wok hei. Each bite was pleasantly aromatic, and is further enhanced with the crunchy dired squid.
Steamed Crab- Best consumed when hot.
The crab was encased with its original taste and sweetness. It was sooo fresh, I could literally taste the sea. The crabs were steamed with a bed of eggs. The bed of steamed egg was soft and fluffy. Each bite was full of the crab's sweetness and wholesomeness.
Butter Milk Crab
I'd prefer this than the latter. The butter milk crab was so flavourful, creamy and milky we couldn't bring ourself to not love it!

Deep Fried Mantou
Mantou deep fried till golden perfection. The mantou was so soft and fluffy! Despite being deep fried it wasn't greasy at all. It goes really well with the butter milk sauce ^^ Everyone on the table was fighting for it !

Giants Cockles
I was quite skeptical with this dish at first. Surprisingly it was really good! The cockles was very fresh and juicy!
Our dinner was less than RM1000 for 12 pax which was pretty affordable and worth it for all fresh delicacy we had that night =)
It was a great dining experience, overall. Fresh seafood cravings satisfied!

South Sea Seafood
229, Jalan 2A,
40000 Kampung Baru Subang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Opening Hours:
11am-12am daily

Phone number: 03 7846 1401
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