Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Pizza VS Satay, USJ 11

Pizza VS Satay, as suggested by its name, is a Malay cum Italian restaurant which is just a stone throw away from my dwelling. Time to time I'd visit this place when my family and I are craving for pizzas/pastas, but are too lazy to travel and felt that domino's is too mainstream.

Pizza VS Satay serves an array of Italian Cuisine such as pastas, pizzas, calzones and such. They also serve local delights such as laksa, nasi lemak, keropak lekor etc. etc. They serve Malay style economy rice every afternoon at 11am-3pm at a reasonable price =)

Pictures for this post are taken by my HTC ONE S. A group of youth was filming a video there and I didn't want to interfere or video bomb them with my DSLR going *CHI-CHAK* with every shot (Can't silent it T_T)

*Fun fact: I video & photo bomb people a lot recently. Unintentionally. 

Pizza VS Satay has an outdoor dining area for smokers, and also a fully air-conditioned indoor dining area.
The interior was pretty simple. Newspaper cut-outs and magazine articles in picture frame hanging around. Yellow tiled floor contrasted with the black faux leather seat which gives the restaurant a retro feel. There's even a large blackboard for customers to dedicate their wishes/messages to someone special celebrating the occasion there.

Despite the late lunch crowd, Pizza VS Satay's waiters were efficient and our orders arrive in a jiffy
Hot Calamansi RM2.90
Love how they separated the sugar so the drink is sugar-free and we can adjust the sweetness to our liking =)
Apple + Cucumber Juice RM7.90
Mum's order. I'm allergy to cucumber (self-proclaimed) so not going to comment on that
 Chicken Aglio Olio RM12.90
Pasta drenched in olive oil, topped with chicken ham, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and mushroom.
The pasta was pretty decent. It was cooked till el-dente. Each strand of noodle was coated generously with olive oil which was really aromatic. The portion was quite small but the amount of ham and broccoli was generous =)
 Chicken Parmigana RM16.90
Chicken and Cheese in Mariana Sauce, with a side of greens and mashed potatoes

Okay...first of all it doesn't even look like a Parmigana Chicken. But nevermind, looks can be deceiving, right?
I've decided to venture off my comfort zone and order something different. Well... The chicken was grilled with its bone and skin still attached which was a major no-no to me. The chicken tasted really salty and...I don't really know how to describe the taste. I don't like the taste of it at all, it tasted really weird and unpleasant plus it doesn't compliment the cheese and bolognese sauce. The vegetables were quite raw too. And I don't like the mushroom they used. It has an unpleasant pungent smell. I forcefully shove down the whole dish.

To be honest, the whole dish was just wrong. Out of place. Would not recommend this.
 Florentine Pizza RM18.90
Beef Pepperoni, Capsicum, Cheese and Egg
Now their pizza is something worth mentioning. This pizza was AWESOME. The egg was runny and well set, just the way I like it. The pizza crust was crispy, crusty and has an aromatic wood fire taste. Lovely. Amount of cheese was decent. Not the best pizza in town but definitely worthy of a praise =)

Verdict: Just go for their pasta or pizza. Or Malay food.

Pizza vs Satay
2 Jalan USJ 11/3j
47600 Subang Jaya
Operation Hours:
Monday - Saturday 11.00 am - 11.00 pm
Friday 3.00 om - 11.00pm,
Sunday 11.00 am - 10.30 pm

Contact Number: 603-5638 8848
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