Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tradiional English Afternoon Tea @ Piano Lounge, Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya

A while ago when I was performing my daily routine of browsing livingsocial and groupon for irresistible deals, I stumbled upon a deal at living social on Traditional English Afternoon Tea at Piano Lounge, Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya for only RM30 for 2 pax. Grand Dorsett is a five star hotel, and it is located quite near from where I live. My heart was itching. I've always wanted to experience a full English Tea. Mum's birthday was around the corner. LIGHT BULB MOMENT. I purchased the deal for my mum as her birthday present =P

The ambient there was tranquil, calm and peaceful. I immediately felt so relaxed once I step into Piano Lounge. The red carpeted floor, paired up with the black coffee table and yellowish gold sofa chair  give the place a sleek, contemporary feel.
Their ceiling, decorated with round glasses that resembles Chinese lanterns
The bar, where all the drinks were prepared. The sound and aroma of the coffee machine grinding coffee bean was soothing to the ears and nose
Tobaccos in Glass Display. Wonder how much does one cost? Not that I am interested lol just curious.

For the drinks, we were given a choice between English Tea or Freshly Brewed Coffee
Being a coffee lover it was my automated response to opt for coffee
The coffee has a strong and aromatic body. Loved it =)
Posing with the tea cup.
It took quite a while for our three tier tea time delight to deliver to us. Not a bad thing, as the ambient was really soothing and relaxing =) more family bonding and interaction time
Scones with jam and cream and Sardine Puffs
The Sardine Puffs feel very out of place. It was too Malaysian to me. I was hoping for a full English tea but the sardine puffs really tasted like curry puffs LOL. But nevertheless, the crust was rich in butter aroma, crusty and crispy. Delicious but I prefer if it was replaced with some other pastry which is more English =P
Fruit Tartlets, Chocolate Brownies and Raspberry Financiers
After reading the menu Grand Dorsett posted on Livingsocial, I realize it wasn't supposed to be chocolate brownies but OPERA CAKE. But the chocolate brownies were REALLY GOOD so I didn't mind heh. Rich in chocolate flavour, the chocolate brownie was moist and soft. It immediately melted in my mouth as a took a bite! Wonder why they gave us THREE of it not FOUR. Probably trying to make us fight? LOL
Salmon Finger Sandwich and Egg Finger Sandwich
 Asked my mum to help me take a photo of me+tea time set and it turned out like this LOL -__-

So I asked my dad to retake the photo. Still wasn't satisfied but my stomach was already grumbling so mehhhhhhh =p 

Two piece of de-crusted white bread slathered with butter and mayo, sandwiching two slices of fresh salmon, cucumber and tomatoes.
Finger sandwich was pretty normal. Brother claimed that he can DIY at home too LOL.
They used wholemeal bread for the egg sandwich which I found a tad dry
Fruit Tartlet.
The fruit tartlet was filled with chocolate and cream cheese, and topped with a strawberry glazed with corn syrup. The crust , rich in butter aroma, flaky, PASS. The content, chocolate+cream cheese, texture was smooth and creamy, tasted not too sweet, paired up with the sweetened strawberry perfectly. PASS! Of all the pastry we tried, I personally preferred this the most. Yummy!
Sconewith cream & jam
The scones were aromatic, fragrant and has a loose texture. I've tasted better ones at Cameron Highlands but the scones served at Piano Lounge was definitely one of the better scones I've ever tasted!
However I find the cream a little tasteless. It felt like it was homemade but it didn't really suit my liking.
Raspberry Financiers
Financiers dusted with icing sugar and topped with raspberry
I find this too dry, and the raspberry was really sour. I didn't like it.

Well, once again happy belated birthday mum!

Overall, I'd rate the English Tea @ Piano Lounge Grand Dorsett a 3.7/5
The ambient was lovely, staff was friendly. Some hit and miss for the food but it was still a great experience =)
Posing with the piano at Piano Lounge

Anyways, my birthday is on the 24th of April, can someone purchase the deal and give it to me as my birthday present?

Piano Lounge
Grand Dorsett Subang Hote
lJalan SS 12/1
47500 Subang Jaya
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