Monday, 4 November 2013

Par Tea Time, SS15

If you have been following my blog since the very first post you might have recognize this place =P My very first blog post! Except at then I was using my HTC One S's phone camera instead of a DSLR

Guan Ren won a RM10 par tea time voucher from a roadshow at our college some time ago. It was going to expire on the 31st of October so we decided to pay a visit to Par Tea Time again!

Of course, this time, with my "big" camera I'd like to do a more detailed review :D
As we set foot into Par Tea Time, we were greeted by their staffs warmly. I really liked the warm and welcoming ambient there. The lighting were quite dim, giving the shop a peaceful and tranquil feel. Jay Chou's song were played throughout the night, and the first song we heard when we enter was 珊瑚海 , my favourite song by Jay Chou so another plus point haha :D

The cafe, is furnished with white tables and chairs, paired up with the purple cushion and sofas, giving it a very royalty feel. (After all, purple is a royalty colour!)
 Their Chandelier was captivating so I decided to snap a photo of it heh.

We ordered the Waffles again at the counter but unfortunately the voucher can only be used to purchase drinks! =( We were quite disappointed but we decided to top-up for the waffles anyways.
Passion Fruit QQ RM6.90
Passion Fruit cordial drink with grass jelly, white pearls and passion fruit
Find it a tad sweet as I forgot to request for less lesss lessss sugar. Nevertheless, it was a refreshing drink. Truth to be told not a big fan of bubble tea so yeah.(Gong Cha and Yi Cha because of the freshness of their ingredients used, are a few exception) Liked the crunchy passion fruit though.
Vitagen Milk RM4.90
 Basically its Vitagen + Milk. Recommended for all Vitagens lover out there~

Our waffle took a while to arrive as it was made fresh upon order. The aromatic whiff of freshly-made waffles filled the air, making our stomach grumble as we waited for our order
Banana & Chocolate Waffle topped with ice-cream RM10.90
Like I said before, nothing can go wrong with the banana+chocolate combination :D
The warm waffles melted the whipped cream and chocolate ice-cream, as the molten liquid sipped into the waffles. Each bite tempted me for more. Seriously, waffles, chocolate ice-cream, whipped cream and banana should just marry each other.
What a liked about the waffles is they made on side crispier than the other by cooking one side slightly longer, so you could feel the soft and crunchy contrast. There was also a hint of cocoa powder in the waffles, making the waffles more aromatic.

However, the banana on that night was..a little too raw for my liking. Would have prefer if it was sweeter/more mature.
Just go there for their waffles.Trust me. :D

Par Tea Time
No. 45, Ground Floor, Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-56121002

Oh and on our way back to college where we parked the car, we saw a car...with lots of teddy bears on it o_O

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