Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Paddington Garden, Sunway Giza

Guan Ren and I used to have a thing for desserts. We used to have sweet stuffs (Waffles, Bubble Tea, Gelato etc.) during our study session since last year (which, was almost everyday. gulp). We somehow kicked off this habit somewhere around ..this year? Instead of having desserts on a almost-daily-basis, we now indulge in desserts on a once-in-a-while basis.

So after a hearty meal in Bonjour Garden, and a round of shopping in Sunway Giza, it was time for desserts! :B Choosing a place for desserts was such a hard choice for me to make, as Sunway Giza was saturated with desserts parlour (and having desserts on a once in a blue moon basis means that the desserts have to be good or we'll be wasting our calorie intake!)! I did my research the night before, narrowed down my choices, reading food reviews from various sites, and finally decided to settle for Paddington Garden, a cafe specializing in pancakes!
Paddington Garden, a pancake cafe chain store that hails all the way from Taiwan!
Sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, stuffed pancakes, take your pick!
We were at a loss of choice as all of them seemed so tempting! We decided to ask the waiter for recommendation and we settled for the Berry Berry Pancakes!
Paddington Garden, as its name suggested, has a garden-themed interior- Garden furnitures, paired up with the lush green surroundings, with white photo frames hanging on the wall plastered with sweet looking wallpaper, spruced up by the warm yellow light shining from the chandelier.

The interior was so warm and welcoming I could just stay there the whole day.
 Berry Berry Pancake RM13.90
3 mini pancakes, drizzled with berry sauce & topped with mixed berries, ice-cream and whipped cream
Soft, fluffy, warm pancake, paired up with the sourish-sweet mixed berries, topped up with the smooth, velvety icy-cool vanilla ice-cream and airy whipped cream- the combination couldn't be better. The warmth of the pancake, melts the soft ice-cream, bringing out the aromatic vanilla flavour which was so addictive! Berry Berry good!

Overall Rating: 8/10
The pancakes were lovely, ambiance was charming, service was pleasant. The only complain I have is the size of the pancake- which was tad too small :(

Paddington Garden
Sunway Giza Mall. F.03,
1st floor Block D,
No.2 Jalan PJU 5/14,
Kota Damansara.
Business Hours: 10am-19pm

Contact Number: 03-6143 1632
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