Saturday, 2 November 2013

Komugi Cafe, Subang Parade

Everyone makes mistakes right?

A sudden spark hit me when Guan Ren and I were enjoying our juice @ Juice Work. Sooo I left my phone in my car, which I parked in Subang Parade.

We were at Empire's Shopping Gallery. So we ended up walking back to Subang Parade just to retrieve my phone. T_T

So we were looking around for another place to yumcha and these two new cafe suddenly crossed my mind:- Komugi and PastryVille. Guan Ren kept messing my head up about PastryVille, asking questions like "Is the cafe made out of bread?" "Is the staff a pastry?" etc. and soooooo we head on to Komugi instead -____- LOL.
Komugi Cafe, a bakery cum cafe that has just opened in Subang Parade. It is located opposite PastryVille btw lol.

Komugi cafe has a small sitting area located at the far end of the bakery, and also an outside sitting area for smokers.

I loved Komugi's pastry. I often buy em for breakfast whenever I go shopping at Sunway Pyramid/Mid Valley. Since the Subang Parade's branch is a cafe, they also serve hot meals such as pizza and soup. We decided to skip the pastry and go for their soup instead :D
Mushroom Bread Bowl RM9.90
Guan Ren and I were pleased with the presentation and happily dig in to the soup. However, the soup was not hot at all. In fact it was no where near warm! We sent the soup back and requested it to be warmed up.


Sure enough, we received a new soup bowl. Steam were seen pipping out of the soup. After making sure that everything is alright, we dig in again!

The soup was thick, chunky, and flavourful. Each mouth full was filled with the wholesomeness of fresh mushroom. I enjoyed it really much. The bread bowl was crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. It possessed the qualities of a good baguette. The bread soaked up the warm soup, softening it, making each bite so tender and flavourful.

The only complain I had was the mess we made ^^" The waiter did not provided us with knife, and I couldn't find any knife at their counter so we ended up painstakingly slicing up the bread bowl using our fork and spoon. And could imagine how barbaric we were LOL.  But the main point is I enjoyed it very much :D

Komugi Cafe
Lower ground floor, Unit LG20L
Subang Parade

Opening hours:

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