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Haikara Style Cafe, E-Tiara Service Apartment, Subang Jaya

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery, a hidden gem in Subang Jaya, nestled at the ground floor of E-Tiara Service apartment which is located along the busy road in between Subang Parade, Aeon Big and SS15. This cafe is run by a Japanese couple that hailed all the way from Nagoya, Japan.
 Haikara has been around for 5 years, but I only get to know about it last year from Guan Ren. I really love this cafe a lot for several reasons, one the good food being served there, two the lovely ambiance and three, the sentimental values and lovely memories created at Haikara =)  Guan Ren and I had a study group there before last year right before our SPM trials. We ended up watching Step Up Revolution 2 and burning all our money at the arcade so since then we never visited Haikara for any study session LOL.

And a really important incident in my life took place here somewhere in May this year. =)

I was elated when my dad decided to bring my mum and I to Haikara after our morning swim on a weekend! So yea, photos are by my HTC One S .(don't expect me to bring a DSLR to a swimming pool LOL) We arrived at Haikara around 9.50am and we were told to chill around the compound first as the cafe only opens at 10am on weekends.
 Their outdoor dining area. Love the lush green surroundings. The bamboo shoots paired well wih their woody garden chair. The gentle morning breeze Felt so close to nature =)

At exactly 10am a Japanese lady greeted us and welcomed us in the shop! We felt very welcomed and pleased by the hospitality =)
The interior. The warm sunlight penetrates through the window, creating a relaxing & lazy environment.Soothing Spanish music (nope, not japanese) was playing in the background. I immediately immersed in the laid back environment.
Really really love their deco that emanates a cosy and homey ambiance =)
 Japanese toys/Knick-knacks displayed around the table
The coffee bar where their home specialty siphon coffee is prepared :) Behind the bar there is a dark chocolate shelf filled with dainty tea cups and Japanese fans
 Their menu! You'll be impressed how extensive Haikara's menu is, being such a small cafe Now Haikara is not your usual Japanese bakery/cafe that serves the traditional Japanese snacks. They actually specializes more to Western Cuisine and Japanese Fusion food! It's a little similar to Pasta Zanmai, but Haikara is more to home-cooked style with a homey touch at a more affordable price range ;)
 Croqutte...Roasted Edamames....Grilled Squid...Scrambled Eggs...all at a very affordable price :D
Set dinner! You'd be surprised :D Pastas, Cheese baked rice and so much more!
 Japanese Comics, better known as Manga, and Japanese magazines for their patron to browse through while chilling with a cup of coffee/tea
 Lovely, yummy-looking bread and pastries for sale at the counter! Their baked goods are freshly baked daily, and have to be consume within two days because their bread has no or perhaps minimal preservative.
Fluffy pastries!
 Thick Butter Toast RM5.90
A slice of thick toast, buttered and toasted to perfection.
The thick toast was really crispy and crunchy! The aromatic butter infused into the bread, causing each bite to burst with flavours. It may be a simple dish, but its definitely a must-try item! You won't know how good it is until you try ;)
 Chicken Salad RM15.90
Lettuce, Shredded Japanese Cucumber, Chopped Tomatoes,  chopped onions and chicken
The amount of chicken was really generous! I enjoyed this dish a lot, and definitely felt a lot healthier after finishing it haha :D
The salad is lightly marinated but to bottles of salad dressing (vinegar and sesame) are provided =) I loved i just the way it was.
 Pizza Toast with Scrambled Eggs RM12.90
Thick Toast topped with tomato sauce, sausages, capsicums, mayo & cheese, blanketed under  mozarella cheese omelette
Look at the gooey omelette! :D
The omelette was very well done, love the half molten consistency. Each bite was rich and creamy, with a hint of aromatic butter and mozarella cheese taste.
The pizza toast, like the thick toast, has a thick and crunchy texture =) It goes very well with the toppings which were really generous!
 Coffee in making...! All coffees here are prepared siphon style to bring the best flavour out of the beans :D
Sumiyaki coffee Rm 6.90
Charcoal roasted coffee beans, producing a memorable aromatic taste with each sip. Definitely a must-try.
Cream Cappuccino RM9.90
Cappuccino topped with whipped cream. The distinctive aromatic roasted coffee goes very well wih the smooth, velvety whipped cream that delivers an extra punch. Lovely.
Latte RM8.90
Mum complained that it was too diluted.I quite like it though.
 Teriyaki Burger (Set) RM15.90
Teriyaki beef burger. You can opt for ala-carte(without scrambled eggs and wedges)/no veggies for a lower price :D
A new item on the menu. We took this home for my brother. He said it was not bad =) Quite juicy and flavourful. The wedges were fried till golden crisp, perfect!

Black Chili Dog RM9.90
I was staring at the other table who were having this. My mum couldn't take it seeing me like that and she asked the waiter about it. The Black Chili Dog was a new item and it is still not on the menu. After a round of internal war with myself (whether to order it or not), my mum came out with the best solution ever- take away for lunch.

Genius Mum :D

Anyways, back to the food review.

Chicken sausage, topped with chilli meat sauce and three type of melted cheese, wrapped up a charcoal hot dog bread, along with some greens.

The hot dog bun was so soft and fluffy I could just eat it on its own! The cheese fuses with the chili well, creating a memorable taste. Scrumptious.
Parking there might be a nuisance. Park outside illegally and you'll face a very high risk of getting a saman. Park inside e-tiara your car will get clamped if you accidentally parked at a reserved lot/ park exceeding 2 hours. Lol been there done that. I'd suggest to park your car at Subang Avenue which is just located next door as the parking is free there =P

Haikara Style Cafe & Bakery
E-Tiara Ground Floor,
Jalan Kemajuan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours :
Opening hours:
Tue – Fri 11.00am – 3.30pm & 3.30pm – 10.00pm
Sat – Sun 10.00am – 10.00pm
Mon Closed

Tel : 03-5630 0743
Email :
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