Sunday, 10 November 2013

Coffee Etc, Oasis Ara Damansara

Coffee ETC, a new addition to Oasis Square coffee craze!
So there's a new coffee shop in Oasis Square! Guan Ren and I decided to check it out yesterday.
Coffee located at the far end corner lot, next to 7-11, at the same row as Epiphany Coffee.

Their drinks menu. The usual hot coffee drinks and iced coffee drinks, as well as frappes, teas and bottled juicc

The wide range of pastries and waffles served at Coffee Etc.!
Coffee Etc. will be kicking off their breakfast menu real soon! For now these are the few selections of bites available.
Cappuccino RM10.90 and Latte RM10.90
In conjunction with their opening promotion, all F&B are given a 20% discount! 
We received two complimentary Belgain Waffles too! =) Thank you Coffee Etc.! =D
My Cappuccino
The coffee has a smooth and velvety body. It was quite a decent cup of coffee, but nothing else to shout about. Guan Ren said he preferred Epiphany's Latte as it has a stronger aroma.
Belgain Waffles!
Now their Belgain Waffles are definitely something to take note of. It was absolutely delicious! The golden crisp skin was coated with a thin layer of honey, creating a subtle sweetness which was just nice. The interior was sot and fluffy! Each bite leave me craving for more! Mouth-watering goodness in a little ice-cream stick =)

Anyways...I have a habit of taking the photos of the environment before we leave so...yeah it was already dark when we were about to leave ++

I love the interior of Coffee ETC. Light shone through the French windows gloriously, creating a bright and lively environment. (when it was bright out there LOL. We stayed there from 4-7pm didn't realize it was so dark already :x). Musics from the 80s were playing in the background from their high quality speaker (Guan Ren claimed that their speakers were really good as we could hear the bass clearly), spreading relaxing vibes throughout the restaurant. The brick red wall and the communal table in the middle reminds me of The Grind Burger Bar at Section 17.That explains why we stayed there so long...the environment was simply too lovely =) A great place to have a simple gathering, or to sit back, read a book and relax
Overall, it was a really nice coffee shop. The staffs were really friendly. They joked around with me when I asked permission to snap some photos, teasing each other to be in the pic lol! Will be back for their lovely waffles! 

Coffee Etc.
E-G-08 Block E 
Oasis Square 2A 
Jalan PJU 1A/7A
Oasis Damansara 
47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor. 

Business Hours:

(credits to William Tan for address & opening hours)
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