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Bonjour Garden, Kota Damansara

A green house within the busy, ever happening Kota Damansara....

So last Thursday, I dragged Guan Ren out because his AS was over. I told him I'll drive and plan the agenda . Being a foodie, it is not hard to guess that I'll plan a foodie trip. I was deciding between Damansara Uptown, TTDI or Kota Damansara and in the end I choosed Kota Damansara as I was mesmerized by its liveliness at night after my visit to de'Armour with Openrice. Our first cafe on our agenda was Bonjour Gardens!
Located in the heart of Kota Damansara, this little bakery cum cafe has a welcoming facade- glass door with white frames, surrounded by lush green vines and trees, with white little bamboo lantern hanging around.
The entrance- inviting and lovely

Like most bakery, Bonjour Garden puts their lovely pastries and breads out for display for patrons to pick and choose their desired noms. Lovely whiff of freshly baked pastry greeted us as we set foot into the bakery.
Took me a while to choose my pastries as all of them looked so tempting!
Shiny pots and pans hanging above, along with the drapes of plants, while the bright sunlight shine through the glass ceiling, emitting a warm and rustic vibe.

We were mesmerized by their Venetian Boat style sitting area which has a water pool next to it and immediately decided that that will be our dining spot.
The design of this French-like open air cafe, allows sufficient sun light to shine in the cafe, rendering a lively environment (which is perfect for camwhoring!). It also has proper shading against the rain and strong wind so diners could enjoy their meals peacefully come rain or shine. However , the heat was quite unbearable on that day. Felt as if we were in a sauna lol
The quaint and peaceful ambiance at Bonjour Garden really made me feel like we were dining in a park. (Not to mention the warmth too! It felt as if we were in a suana at some point!)
The Bonjour Times- Bonjour Garden's menu. Love all the little little efforts & details Bonjour Garden incorporate to create a lovely garden themed cafe
Bonjour Garden serves all-day breakfast, pastas, pizza and so much more! Was so tempted to try em' all but we were on a foodie trail so I had to limit my choice to one to save space for more food
Mushroom Soup RM6.90
Creamy mushroom soup topped with crunchy homemade croutons served with a slice of toasted bread.
On first impression I thought that this would be another case of canned soup but the taste stated otherwise. The soup base, probably chicken broth, was flavourful. The chicken taste was quite overpowering- I'd have mistaken this for a chicken cream soup if it weren't for the menu. Bits and chunks of mushroom was found in the soup. Guan Ren liked it a lot. Personally I think it was not bad, but I'd still prefer soup with less cream, more mushroom puree.
Minestrone Soup RM6.90
Vegetable soup in spicy, tomato broth served with slices of toast bread
Generous chunks of carrots and capsicum in the soup
Not the best in town but it definitely hit the spot! The right degree of spiciness, balanced up with a low pH level, all come together in a flavourful tomato broth.
Top- Egg & Cheese Gratin RM4, Bottom- Pumpkin Boat RM3.40

We requested the staffs to warm up our pastries but our orders didn't arrive after 15 minutes. I asked the waiter and apparently she forgotten to switch on the oven! But it was okay as the waiter was apologetic and sweet so we didn't mind.

Unfortunately, our pastries wasn't warm too. Probably because the waiter didn't warm it up long enough as she was afraid that we might get impatient. A for effort.

Anyways, back to review.

Pumpkin Boat- The pastry crust was crispy & aromatic, however, I didn't like the pumpkin filling which was too sweet and hard. I was expecting a soft and fluffy pumpkin puree but all I got was a hard lump of pumpkin+sugar mixture.

Egg & Cheese Gratin- I took a bite off the flaky pastry crust, and was immediately hit with the aromatic buttery aroma. Egg and cheese, the combination that never goes wrong, was a perfect match to the buttery and flaky crust. Loved it!

Overall Rating: 6/10

Food was normal, service was pleasant, the lady cashier helped us to take photos around the picturesque cafe while cracking up jokes (RM2 for a pic!) , and the ambiance was lovely- if you don't mind the heat.
I did some research and turns out the chef of Bonjour Garden is a Japanese who formerly works for The Loaf! :O

Bonjour Garden
Central Park Building, Jln PJU5/13,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 603- 61407587
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