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1 Utama Wonder Food Adventure!

I was really lucky to be selected as one of the 50 bloggers to participate in 1Utama Food Wonder Adventure organized by 1Utama x Butterfly Project. I was brimming with excitement as it was my very first time participating in a Butterfly Project Event!
What is 1Utama Wonder Food Adventure all about? 1Utama Wonder Food Adventure is an event held in conjunction with 1Utama's Wonder Food event from the 4th-24th November 2013. Basically, this is a simple & fun-filled hop-on hop-off event, where each blogger was given a passport to stamp and redeem free food from the wide variety of chic eateries @ 1Utama's glorious Food Street! :D

Upon registering, Tammy (founder of Butterfly Project) handed me a 1 Utama Shopping Bag filled with goodies and my passport ! Off we go!
As 1Utama is the World's 4th Largest Mall, 1Utama is saturated with gastronomical delights, to satisfy everyone's craving & tickle your tastebud. Local food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food, fast name it! Below is the list of restaurants/food stall/cafe that we are required to visit

LG Promenade: SS2 Goreng Pisang, Ninja Joe, Seaweed Club, I Love Yoo, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo, Oyster King, Bisou, Mr Cendol, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights.
LG Highstreet: Lameeya, BBQ Chicken, Food Box, Vivo American Pizza and Panini, and Lava.

Sounds exciting right? :D Let's begin!

My first stop: LAMMEEYA ! 
 First stop, Lammeeya! Lammeeya, is a contemporary chinese eatery specializing in, as their name suggested, LAM MEE! We decided to order the rice dishes instead of their forte Lam Mee to give it a try.
Mackerel Fried Fish- Fish was fried to perfection, marinated with soy sauce to spruce out the taste. Simple yet satisfying.
Assam Sotong
Steamed Pork

Second Stop! BBQ Chicken!
BBQ Chicken originated from Korea & was founded in Sept 1995. It has grown to become the No.1 franchise brand in Korea. Within four years after its existence, it opened its 1000th outlet in Korea, followed by the world's first and only Chicken University in 2000.
Fresh Fruit Juice- The juice were freshly squeezed , hence the natural taste of the fruits were evident. Simply lovely
We were served with the 4 signature chicken
What makes BBQ Chicken's chicken so special? BBQ Chicken uses 100% Olive Oil to deep fry their chicken so I cold indulge in the chicken without feeling guilty :P
Despite being deep fried, the chicken did not tasted oily at all! In fact it was very juicy, fragrant & finger-licking good! Definitely would be back to visit again :)
Vivo Pizza & Panini
Vivo is an american & pizza diner, specializing in pizzas & western food!
BBQ Chicken Pizza
The pizza base had an aromatic wood fire taste, and it has a chewy texture. Loved it
Chicken Chop served with a side of salad and butter herbed rice
Molten Chocolate Cake
The star dessert of the day. This is a MUST-TRY when you visit Vivo. The molten chocolate came bursting out as we poked the crispy exterior of the cake. The hot rich chocolate, paired up with the soothing cold ice-cream= perfect match.

A cafe specializing in local delights such as Nasi Lemak, Koay Teow Soup and so much more! Besides that, Food Box also serves finger food such as Nyonya Kuih to cater for those rumbling tummies when you shop :D

Molten Lava- a little desserts cove located just next to Food Box
We were immediately captivated by the cute & colourful little baked goods at Molten Lava. It all looks so tempting! We were guessing and pondering which yummy-looking dessert they will serve us and turns out it is...
Molten Lava's forte, Churos- Deep fry dough fritters, coated in a layer of icing sugar.
The churos were deep fried till golden brown perfection. The whiff of the fresh churos diffuses into the air, tempting us to dig in despite feeling a little full from the meals
My very first time having a churos and I definitely loved it! Crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy in the inside, dusted with icing sugar to give it some sweetness. Best eaten while hot, the churos were perfect on its own, or you could choose to have in dipped in various condiments such as chocolate :D

Bisou Bake Shop- A petite little store with contemporary & sleek design, specializing in cakes & cupcakes.
I couldn't resist myself from snapping away- the cupcakes were so cute & pretty!

I was really full by the time we reached Bisou so I decided to dapau it home. I ate it on the next day and it surprisingly, the moisture was still there! The cupcakes were moist, and rich in chocolate flavour. Loved the icing which had a prevalent vanilla taste. 
Craving for a healthy snack/meal? Seaweed Club can satisfy your cravings!
The popiahs are freshly prepared upon ordering. You can choose between original, spicy, tuna and wassabi flavour :D

Craving for some decent Yong Tao Foo? Hop on to this little stall!
All yong tao foo are fried till golden brown crisp to ensure each yong tao foo is served hot & crispy!
The wide choice of yong tao foo available!

Traditional dough fritters, soya bean, tao foo fah, porridge, and tid bits! :D
Various affordable & attractive set meals are available throughout the day!
I ordered the Soy Bean. What I loved about the soy bean at I Love Yoo is the soy bean is served without sugar. You get to control the sugar level you desire as you have to add it on your own :)

Ko Hyang serves original and authentic Korean cuisine. Bulgogi, Bimbimbap, Pajeon...patrons will be spoilt for choice while dinning in Ko Hyang!

Oyster King! I have passed by this stall various times when I was shopping at 1Utama but never tried it before so I decided to give it a go :D
I ordered the Fried Oyster- Crispy on the outside, juicy & succulent in the inside. I couldn't help but to pop one after another piee of fried oyster into my mouth- It was simply too addictive!

Craving for local fried delights? Head on to SS2 Goreng Pisang Stall! You'll be dazzled by the array of fried fritters available!
I tried the Popcorn Fried Banana and it was . Petite bite-sized banana fritters, deep fried till golden brown
Whenever I am craving for Mr Cendol, my mum will bring me to a roadside stall to fix my cravings. But not anymore! As Mr Cendol has a little stall in 1Utama! :D
Mr Cendol has been around since 1952
My Mr Cendol in a cup! Convenient especially if you're shopping ;) 

As a token of appreciation, we received various goodies from 1Utama, which includes a power bank, a towel, a pillow & a RM50 gift card for ONE CARD! :D I'm going to apply for One Card soon ! 
By being a One Card holder, I am entitled to many privileges when I shop at 1Utama. Among them is priority parking, and I get to compile points when I shop at 1Utama! :D 

For more information head on to their site!

In conjuction with 1Utama Wonder Food Event, various activities were held throughout the weekends like face painting, nail art, hand sculpting. 

One of the activities is Air Brush! 

Taddaaa! :D 
And I got a free nail art done ;D 
Thank you Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me to opportunity to participate in this event =) I get to know a few blogger friends on that day and had a really great time with them! 
Sweet Yuh Juin !
The pretty Trislynn ! 

And gorgeous Nala! :)

That's all for now :D Currently blogging in my hostel @ Taipei, Taiwan :D !

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