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The Grind Burger Bar, Section 17 PJ

After our horrible experience at Nutmeg, I called my parents to pick us up from Bangsar as we were exhausted (after him accompanying me window shopping meh no sales at all). My parents have not had their lunch yet at that time, and finding a parking at Bangsar Telawi area is like searching for a needle in a hay sack so my dad drove here & there, swerving in roads and lorongs, and poof, we arrived at Section 17.

I thought they wanted to have the famous Kanna Curry House for lunch, but my dad drove straight on to THE GRIND BURGER BAR.

Pretty cool dad I have there, eh ;D 

The Grind Burger Bar. Another addition of the burger joint to the burger-saturated Klang Valley (my burgerlab, Big Chomp Burger, Burgertory are a few examples)

We arrived at The Grind at about 2.30pm. The burger joint was quite empty, only a few seats were occupied. My mum was quite shock as during their previous visit (WITHOUT ME SOBS), they had to take a number and line up for a table! The friendly staffs then told us their kitchen closes at 3pm! But nevertheless, they still welcomed us in so yay for good service! :D
The Grind Burger Bar has a long communal bar table! Well it's a burger BAR after all! Geddit?  ;P

The Grind Burger Bar has a rustic yet sleek interior. One side of the restaurant is painted grey, while the other side is a panel of red bricks. Vintage paintings and poster were plastered on the walls, giving the restaurant a hip and unique vibe.

The Grind Burger Bar also adapted the open kitchen concept, where curious diners get to observe how the burgers at The Grind Burger Bar were grind to perfection.

Their menu was really simple. It was printed on a piece of brown paper & laminated.
The Grind BURGER Bar also serves Hot Dogs, Meatballs and Spaghetti to cater for all different preferences of taste buds. But we all decided to go for their forte BURGERSSSS.
Their drinks and side order menu were on the flip side on the paper.
Despite the simple menu, The Grind Burger Bar has their own way of spicing up their menu. Notice the quirky names they give to their drinks. Brown Cow. White Cow. It tempts me to order em heh. And because The Grind Burger Bar is a Bar, they also serve alcohol! :D (Jeez, what's with me trying to create puns in this blog post)
There were a few small pieces of printed paper featuring their new burgers clipped to their menu too

Guan Ren and I were still full from Nutmeg so we decided to just share one burger. Gluttony Jia Qi is gluttony =p
Hono'lulu Burger (RM17 pork, RM19 beef)
Pork/Beef Patty, Grilled Pineapples, melted cheddar, crisp green, onions, fresh tomatoes and mayo
This was my mum order. She opted for pork patty. The burger was pretty simple but it won my heart. The ingredients compliments each other perfectly. The thick, juicy patty, paired up with the creamy melted cheese, tangy mayo and sweet pineapple created a memorable taste.

Unlike most burger joint, The Grind Burger Bar layer their patty in between two buttery aromatic brioche bun. The brioche bun was lightly toasted and buttered to enhance its taste. It was crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the inside. Thumbs up for their buns!

Oh and notice the huge stack of herbed fries behind the burger. Yeah, The Grind Burger Bar is definitely generous on their fries. Their thick cut fries were pretty decent. Seasoned lightly with herbs and spice, it goes really well with their homemade special sauce which tasted quite similar to my burgerlab's. I prefer my burgerlab's fries over the fries served here, but personally I preferred The Grind's special dipping sauce over burgerlab's. 

All burgers are served with a small side of greens and large side of herbed fries. 
Kinoko Gohan Burger (RM17 for Pork RM19 for beef)
Short grained rice patty,
I went all "awww" when the burger arrived. It looked so cute! Like a sushi. Or am I the only one who thinks this way?
This was my dad's order. He opted for Beef patty.
The beef patty was really juicy. The juice came oozing out with a bite. It was very well-marinated. The rice patty was really something new to me. It was slightly burnt on top to give the patty a crisp and aroma. Oh no worries the patty wasn't hard at all! It was done to the perfect amount of tenderness. Or hardness. I was amazed and I wonder how did they manage to stick the grains together. Am also awestruck, how this whole burger come together so wonderfully. My dad just gave me a smaaaaaallll portion of his burger but I addiction kicked in with a bite. I sooo wished that I had ordered this burger instead =(

This burger is for the win.

Somehow I felt as if I was eating a fusion sushi when I was eating this burger too =P You know, those sushi roll you get from sushi zanmai?

The Grind House Burger (RM19 for Pork, Rm21 for Beef)
 Pork/Beef Patty, bacon, fried egg, caramelized onions, natural cheddar, crisp green, onions, tomato and their special dracula mayo

Guan Ren and I opted for the pork burger cause well, it's pork! =P
Check out the MAASSSSUVE GINORMOUS size of the burger! This certainly has to be the largest burger I've ever eaten! It was soo big it couldn't fit into my mouth and I had to eat the burger Asian style (using culteries lol).

The burger fell apart as I embrace it so it's hard for me to taste the burger as a whole ^^". I ate the by two components, pork patty + caramelized onions + bottom bun and top bun + bacon + fried egg + dracula mayo  I find the pork patty a little dry. The reason being was stated above. I ate it one its own rather than eating it with its accompanying condiments/compartments. It'd be awesome if I ate the burger as a whole! I really liked the draculla mayo. Don't be put off by it because it is pink. It actually tasted pretty awesome! It forms a perfect medley with the fried egg, bacon and top burger bun. The caramelized onions were cooked till perfection, soft, sweet and satisfying, adding flavours to the burger. The fried egg was really well done too, with the yolk spilling all over the burger, infusing with the melted cheese, adding richness to the burger.

However, I wished if they slathered on more draculla mayo on our burger. It wasn't messy enough, on my humble opinion =P I'm a big fan of messy burgers heh. 
If you visit The Grind Burger Bar on a weekday afternoon, you'll get a free drink :D

Apparently my dad is quite a fan of this place as he claims that he came here during his lunch hours too so I will be back soon! ;) Hope to try out their hot dogs, burgers and their side dishes such as nachos and fried onion rings that has received so much positive review on the net! *gluttony mode ON*

The Grind Burger Bar is officially my favourite burger joint, after my burgerlab ;) After all, their service is good, food is good, they serve pork and parking isn't a problem there =p

Overall Rating: 8/10

No.7, Jalan 17/45
46400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Opening Hours: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-10pm

Tel: 603 7932 3883
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheGrindBurgerBar
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