Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sukiya, Taipan

Sukiya, a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant that hailed all the way from Yokohama, Japan opened its door last year in September. Guan Ren and I used to have our lunch and study group here last year, as we were sick of unhealthy food like MCD and KFC 

This restaurant specializes in Donburi (Rice bowl served with meat/veggies), specifically, Gyudon (Beef rice bowl)
What I loved most about Sukiya is the liberty they give us to choose the size of our don :D
Customer can choose from size S to L , depending on your appetite 
Feeling hungry/healthy? You can top up some cash to upgrade your meal into a set :D 

Or order a side to share :)
Sukiya is a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant so you get your food once you place your order at the counter. Good for those who are always on-the-go 
Onatama Gyu-Don M RM10.90
Gyudon topped with a half-boiled egg
The runny yolk spills all over the rice, creating a beautiful mess, as it creates a wonderful medley of flavours with the marinated grilled beef and rice.
Veggie Gyudon S RM6.90
Gyudon topped with Carrots, Ladies Finger & Cauliflower. A Gyudon with a healthy touch =)
The ratio of fats to lean meat on the beef slice is just nice, not too fatty nor too dry. It was also well marinated, goes well with the pipping hot Japanese rice.
Affordable, delectable and healthy Japanese Food =)

NO. 6 & 7, JALAN USJ 10/1H,
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