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Restoran Murni Discovery, Taipan Business Centre

Now one thing we Malaysian are very proud of is our MAMAK

Our super-duper-ultimate-very-absolutely-no doubt about it UNHEALTHY mamak

Honestly speaking, I love Mamak. I absolutely love Roti Canai. I loveeee Maggie Mee Goreng. I love Milo Dinosaur. But for the sake of my health and waistline I haven't been visiting mamak in a while. I'd skip having supper at my favourite mamak because having fatty and oily food is a no-no at late night.

Until this fated day came *sound effect*.

Guan Ren and I had our usual study session at lakeside. I was feeling a little hungry, so Guan Ren offered to drive us for tea (YAY!). There was absolutely nothing that seems palatable/affordable/healthy at lakeside.

As Jakun as it sounds, I had never ever tried Murni before.

Yes you heard me

NEVER (until that fated day, ofc) 

Since last year Guan Ren and also a few friends had been raving about Murni to me. Their special roti. I was really curious about it and had always wanted to try it out but to no avail. I always come at the wrong timing where they don't sell roti (Mamak usually only serve their roti in the morning or evening-night), or my brother would suddenly decide to go Murni when I'm sick.

And so, I suggested to go Murni and Guan Ren kindly obliged (ps forget about the wanting to find a healthy snack part) =)
So here I am! My virgin experience at Murni :P
It was quite empty when we arrived (around 5pm). Murni is always packed to the brim when the night sets in, and it gets even crowded the later it is. Murni even took up about 4~5 parking lots to cater their late-night patrons, as if the parking problem in Taipan wasn't bad enough.  #OnlyinMalaysia
I was really surprise when I flipped through the menu. It was really extensive! From the typical mamak food such as roti canai, maggie mee goreng, teh tarik, to western food such as Chicken Maryland, Spaghetti and so much more! All their roti, as mentioned by Guan Ren, was really unique! Roti Hawaii, Roti Jepun, Roti Salad....Roti with a unique twist! What have I been missing out all these while!

Guan Ren and I decided to just share one roti as we wanted to leave some space for dinner.

Guan Ren:" Satu air suam, satu honey lemon panas, dan satu Roti Beckham."
Lady:"Satu jer??!!!" *Mumbles something inaudible and stormed off*

Well, it's quite obvious that the service wasn't that pleasant. Is it against the law for ordering only one dish when two person is dining out?

Well, let's just move on with the food, never mind that lady.
Guan Ren's Hot Honey Lemon.
Roti Beckham RM6.50
Roti Canai stuffed with Tuna, Egg, Mayo & Onions
Honestly, I can't see the co-relation between Beckham and this dish LOL.
The generous amount of tuna and egg mayo! =D
And time to dig in!!
On first bite, it tasted sort of weird. However, as I move on to my second bite, the taste was starting to get on me. It was love at third bite (lol!). Tuna & egg mayo has always been one of my favourite combination and I was astonished that it went really well with the roti canai!
Their Dahl was quite diluted but it tasted OK. I preferred to eat it with chili sauce & mayo

Guan Ren and I were not really satisfied with the Roti Beckham. Our stomach were asking for more lol!
Perhaps that's the reason why the lady was so unhappy. She knew this was coming and didn't want to go through the trouble of taking down our order again. We called another waiter to take down our order lol.
Roti Jepun RM3.50
Roti Canai stuffed Margarine, cheese, sugar
When we sliced open the roti canai, a strong aromatic whiff of margarine wafted the air mmhhmmm...
*sinful grin*
Look at that amount of goey cheese! :D
The Roti Canai was crispy on the outside, and soft in the inside. Each bite was just sinfully good. The cheese blended it very well with the margarine, which had a hint of sweetness in it. You can't find anything as good as this in Japan, trust me (BECOZ THIS IS TOO UNHEALTHY WAHAHAHA BUT UNHEALTHY FOOD IZ GOOOOOD)
The dinner crowd started pouring in when we were about to leave.

Overall, food was good and cheap. Service was meh but I guess I'll be back...not too soon as I gotta watch my waistline DX

Thanks again, Guan Ren.

Murni Discovery

39-41, Ground Floor,
Jalan USJ 9/5P,
Subang Business Centre, Subang Jaya, 
47620 Selangor.
Operating Hours:
11.00 AM - 2.00 AM
(Closed Mondays)
Tel: 012-339 2599

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