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Restoran Ahwa Hokkien Mee, Jalan 222

Ask any PJ folks where to get the best Hokkien Mee, their reply would unanimously be AHWA at Jalan 222.
Ahwa Restaurant is a corner "Dai Chao" shop located along Jalan 222 that has been around for decades. Beside Hokkien mee, there's other hawkers stores such as pan cakes, loh bak, stewed duck, grilled seafood ,popiah and tauhu bakar that are reputably decent too. 
This eatery would usually get really crowded as the clock struck 7. Luckily, my family is a regular here. We made a reservation before hand so that we need not to wait for a seat. It is quite a common sight to see tables and chair hogging the road and parkings to cater the ever-increasing late night patrons.

Chef at work. Time to time, you will catch a glimpse of Ahwa (founder of Ahwa Hokkien Mee, obviously) down at work in the kitchen.
They still use charcoal to cook their noodles, giving their noodle "wok hei".

The heavy yet aromatic pork lard aroma lingers around the eatery, testing our patience before our noodles are delivered to us!
Assam Boi
Sourish with a tinge of sweetness.It's a must-order for me every time I patron Ahwa as it serves as a respite from the sinfully greasy yet mouth-watering Hokkien Mee
Toufu from Loh Ark (Stewed Duck) stall
Apparently, the stall selling this Loh Ark is a branch from the famous Gasing Road.
I'm really not such a big fans of these dish so I can't give an honest opinion here. I'll leave it to you to try it out and judge ;)
The Loh Ark was flavourful. No pungent duck smell. The duck meat has the right proportion of skin & fat to lean meat. Price was a little steep though.
A traditional famous Penang street delicacy. The skin of the fried bean curd has a satisfying crunch, and a juicy content, without being overly greasy or cloying. The dipping sauce that comes with the loh bak compliments it perfectly, giving the dish an extra oooomph!

慢煎糕 Chinese filled pancake/Apom
Thin crusted Chinese-style pancakes with filings. I choosed Egg+Sweet Corn, Chocolate+Peanuts+Banana and Peanut Butter+Banana.
The pancakes were so crispy it crumbles in my mouth as I took a bite. The warm savoury fillings tickles me taste buds, tempting me for more. Recommended!  
You can choose from a wide range of fillings, like ham and cheese, cheese and eggs etc.! :D

My family liked it so much we ordered another three :D
Fried thick noodle in dark sauce, prawns, lard , veggies and
Each strand of noodle was coated with the dark sauce and distinctive aromatic lard oil.The noodles were chewy and Q. The crunchy pork lard was sooooo addictive! Each bite was filled with "wok hei". And best of all, the noodles does not have the "gan shui" or alkali taste. The taste definitely did not change over the years. I applaud Ahwa for keeping out with their quality control all these years!
Loh Mee
Thick noodle cooked in eg gravy, alongside with vegetables, prawns and lard.
Like the Hokkien Mee, the noodles were thick and chewy. However, I find the gravy a tad diluted to my liking. The Loh Mee is best served with vinegar
Fried Vermicelli
Like the thick noodle, each strand of noodle was generously coated with the concentrated and rich black sauce. I prefered this more than the thick noodle as it is not too overwhelming.

 Another thing that I can't get enough of is the sambal belacan. Thick, smooth, and heavy in flavour, it complements the noodles perfectly. Like a hen and a chick.

Ahwa Hokkien Mee is the most mouth-watering Hokkien Mee you'd ever come across. But its definitely not something you'd like to have everyday or your cholesterol level would sky-rocket ^^"

Restoran Ahwa
66, Jalan 14/48
Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
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