Saturday, 5 October 2013

O'Wan Burger Haus, Taipan USJ

Friday Night. Mum decided to take my brother and I out for dinner =D
And my brother recommended this new restaurant which is located at the same row as KFC @ Taipan
O' Wan Burger House
On first impression, I thought that O' Wan Burger Haus is a Malay-style Western Restaurant, as the name suggested. But to my surprise, pasta and burgers dominated the whole menu, and not a sight of Malaysian-style pastas (localized pastas) was seen
Apparently, my brother heard that O'Wan Burger Haus is actually under the same management as a Western  style restaurant. Logenhaus ,which is just located one row behind!
Their Menu, size as big as a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle
I notice some similarities between Logenhaus and O'Wan - Their pricing is saturated with xx.99 and the font used is none other than my favourite font- Comic Sans

(I used to have this obsession with comic sans as it resembles my hand writting. Go check it out hahah!)

Some random quotes on the walls hahaha
The interior was  simple yet spacious
Condiments :)

Our orders arrived promptly after ordering =)
Smoked Salmon Spaghetti RM16.99
This was my brother's order. The cream cheese base sauce was creamy, flavourful & tangy,and it left me crying for more.
Seafood Aglio Olio RM14.99
WOAH...the amount of seafood given was really generous! my brother said we will be in a greater shock if we ordered the mussel aglio olio lol! The spaghetti was really good! Aromatic & fragant garlic oil with a hint of spiciness accompanied with fresh seafood. Love it :)
Burger Banjir Beef RM16.99
Beef/Chicken Patty, Beef bacon/chicken ham, button mushroom, cheese, caramelized onions, leafy green, tomatoes, cucumber & overflowing cream sauce
For the burger bun, you can choose from classic bun, Focaccia (+RM1) or Ciabatta (+RM2). I opted for the classic bun

it was... really good. It's been a while since I really fell in love with a burger. (other than my burgerlab). The beef patty, wrapped in delicious & tantalizing beef bacon, was juicy and flavourful, and further enhanced with the creamy mushroom sauce, which infuses with the cheese, creating a mouth-watering beautiful mess. Look at the generous amount of button mushroom! Explosion of flavours with each bite. Oh gawd I'm hungry now. Not a good idea to type my blog post at night =(

The warm burger bun was soft and fluffy inside, and crusty on the outside. The burger bun soaked up the creamy sauce, and have a nice, aromatic herbs taste , thus it was so good I ate em by itself, dissecting the burger XD I think they gave me the foccacia bun instead but they did not charge me extra =) Honestly, I think Foccacia Bun would be a nice & fresh new way to serve burger instead of the conventional sesame bun or the quite-common-nowadays charcoal bun

The downside? There is CUCUMBER in this burger. 
ps I hate cucmber

For every meal you order you'll get a complementary scoop of ice-cream! Choices of Chocolate, Strawberry or Oreo!

I'd definitely be back soon! I'd say that the price I paid for the burger was really worth it, with the generous amount of fillings and the great taste =) I'd like to try their special cheese burger too, which has 3 different type of cheese in it! =D We took away a wild mushroom burger for my dad and he said it was too cheesy lol

O' Wan Burger Haus
No 59, Jalan USJ10/1 Taipan,
47620 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Thanks mum for the lovely Friday night =) 

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