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[CLOSED] No Reservation Japanese Fast Food Cafe, SS15

Whenever someone ask me about my favourite restaurant around my college area, my reply will always be NO RESERVATION ! 

*Please forgive me for the quality of the photos T_T, camera setting wrong again arghhh have to learn to use the camera properly. Some photos are from my dslr, while some are from my phone camera 

No Reservation is a Japanese Fast Food Cafe run by a Middle Age Japanese man, Shinsuke Ota-san
Ota-san is a really friendly boss. Time to time he will treat my friends and I a drink as we are considered his "regular customer" =D He can speak English fluently, and also some simple mandarin =D I always engage conversation with him in Japanese (I learned Japanese for two and a half year but I was forced to stop my lessons as my Japanese sensei went back to her hometown, Japan). Ota-san offered to teach me Japanese and asked me to bring my Japanese text book! During my last visit, he printed some Japanese homework for me ! =D

Now don't let the word "Fast Food" fool you, the food served here has zero resemblance to those mainstream American Fast Food Restaurant.
In fact, the food served here are your typical healthy home-cooked Japanese food =)
Soba, Udon, Don, Sushi...and even some western delight such as Fish & Chips!
At No Reservation, you can also customize your own hand roll! You can order the basic California Handroll, or top up RM1 for extra salad, or RM2.50 for some fresh salmon sashimi! =)
Not-So-Local Local Coffee :D For the adventurous ones
You can purchase a RM12 voucher for RM10! :D But the voucher only can be used on your next visit

The way this little cafe runs is very similar to those fast food chain restaurant in Japan. Yes, COUPONS!

But instead of coupon machine, you'd have to take the "coupons" placed at the menu after you've selected what you want to the counter for payment =)

 If you dine in between 10am-12pm, you'll get a free drink (free flow) =) After 12pm, you can only get a free drink if you spend more than RM15

Their drink menu!
No Reservation serves a wide range of drinks. Ranging from the traditional green tea, to fruit juice and smoothies, and conventional drinks such as Milo, White Coffee,  Iced Lemon Tea which you could refill as many time as you want =D

Once you're seated, help yourself to a bowl of Veggie Soup, FOC! =D
Complementary Veggie Soup
The broth was clear, with chunks of carrot, and slices of cabbage in it =)

 Char Shiu Udon
Udon in shoyu (Japanese soy sauce base) broth topped with a fish cake, served with a side of mouth-watering char shiu
The soy sauce broth was really tasty and flavourful. I drank all the soup after I finished the Udon =D
The Udon was really springy, bouncy and Q too!
Thick, succulent pork char shiu with the right amount of fats. It was really well-marinated, with each bite bursting with flavours.

 Geso (Fried Calamari) RM6
Crunchy & Juicy. So simple yet delicious =)
Soft Shell Crab Maki RM12
The portion was really big! The soft shell crab was really crunchy, a contrast to the soft sushi rice. Each bite was really memorable, with the salted nori (seaweed) giving it an extra punch 
Oyako Don RM12
Rice bowl topped with Chicken Katsu (Deep Fried Panko Chicken) and  runny eggs
This is my all-time favourite dish from No Reservation =) The chicken was fried to perfection, with flavours bursting out with each bite. Yummy!
Tenpura Soba RM12
Soba in hot broth, topped with fried sweet potato , fried pumpkin, fried french bean, fried ebi (prawn)
The tenpura was really crispy! The best part is it is not saturated with flour, just a thin layer, just enough to give the tenpura some crisps, and still maintain the flavour & taste of the veggies/prawns. 

Springy Soba Noodle! Lovely =)
  Potato Salad RM4
No Reservation serves the best potato salad! Creamy, tangy, and oh-so-delicious!
The secret behind this mouth-watering Potato Salad is the mayo they used. Japanese Mayo tastes sweeter and tangier than the usual supermarket brand we get from the stores. =) 
Kani Maki RM3
Simple yet delicious. The rice has a perfect balance of vinegar. 
There was one time during my visit, Ota-san received his stocks from his supplier, he told my friends and I, "You girls are really lucky today! You get to witness the salmon being sliced!"
Ota-san and the Salmon! :D
He was so kind, he even let us hold it & snap a photo! =D
FRESH FRESH SALMON! (I have to repeat the word FRESH twice to emphasize on how FRESH it was)
Slicing in action!

No Reservation, a great place for lunch & dinner. Not only because the food is good, the boss is friendly, the environment is really tra

70A, 1st Floor,
Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya,
Selangor, 47500 
Operation Hour:
Monday- Friday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: 6pm-10pm
Closes on Saturdays 

Contact Number: 03-5633-0046
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