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#NNFoodFest 2013 @ Sunway Pyramid!

My virgin experience participating in a Nuffnang event!
I was really looking forward to this event! After all, who doesn't like free food? ;)

Welcome Pack upon registration - Sunway Pyramid Privalage Card, a Macaroon and A NNFoodFest Badge (I got it after Insta-ing the NNFoodFest Logo)

I came at 2.45pm even though registrations were only supposed to start at 3pm, but I figured that the early bird catches the worm =)
 Turns out to be a right choice as the crowd started pouring in straight after I registered =)
It was still early and food can only be served at 4pm sharp, according to the nuffnang staffs around so I decided to stroll around. Most of the stalls were still amid preperation stage and some were already set up, ready to serve the hungry crowds!
 First stop...
CRAYON BURGER! Pick your favourite colour! =) There's green bun (veggie), white bun (milk), pink bun (red yeast) and also black bun(charcoal!) Since it was too early, they couldn't serve us so I decided to join in the crowd and snap some photos like jakuns. The stall keeper must have gotten so annoyed he decided to let all of us twe(eat!) =D

Now this was a free-for-all event, and how do you obtain your free food?
Well, you pay using SOCIAL MEDIA CURRENCY
aka via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram :D
If you're an iOS user, all you need to do is just scan the QR code and let the app do its job..
if not, you can either update your FB status or tweet a tweet including the vendor's account or hashtag, and include the hashtag #NNFoodFest! =)

A comparison between their original sized burger & the minis they served at NNFoodFest! The original size burger are for sale at the price of RM10 only!
My mini crayon! =)
After Crayon Burger began serving their hunger tweet-ples, other vendors started jumping in the band wagon. It was easy, to find out which vendor started giving out free food- just look around and see what other people are munching on =p
I went to Yakult next. The requirement for Yakult is tougher as we had to include at least one of these key words ^^"
Craving satisfied =)
Up next... Royal Post!
Lovely cheesecake on display!
Colourful Macaroons!
The staff told me to like their FB page, follow their tweeter & Instagram account. I did it!
And yay I got a macaroon, chocolate cookie, a piece of cheese cake and a cup of cold coffee =D
The cheesecake was really soft & fluffy, it'll definitely attract your tastebud! I opted for the black macaroon, which was SESAME flavour because I thought that it was unique ;) Well, my foodie instinct definitely did not fail me!
 Cielo Dolci. Can you see what is the store keeper doing? Well, she is applying some sambal onto the Nasi Lemak flavour gelato...
Well, I went for the salted caramel flavour instead and it was HEAVEN =) !
Following, to tame my coffee cravings at BARISTAGUILDASIA!
A nice warm cappuccino with a velvety texture =)
Ninja Joe actually grilled their burger ON THE SPOT to ensure
My cute little pork burger!
Juicy, moist pork burger bursting with flavours! Yummy!

Grilled Cornbread with Honey Butter Sauce!
Fresh, fluffy and soft cornbread fresh off the skewer !
Soo delicious! Wonder where is their main restaurant, would like to pay a visit =D

Life-size Maggie Mee!
SS2 Goreng Pisang! 
Beside Goreng Pisang, there's also fried nian gao and Fried Cempadak =)
Juice Work to quench my thirst!
Refreshing watermelon juice~
Crazy Potato!
I took the Honey Mustard one =) Wanted the cheesy sauce but it was out of stock =(
Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe!
Niko Niko Onigiri!
They gave out mashed potato and karage! My favourite! =)
And at 4.30pm, my burgerlab crew only started to set up their booth...
Their menu!
On a normal weekday, the line at my burgerlab shop @ seapark is always long (despite no free burgers!) so I decided to queue up as early as 4.45pm
And yes! My hard work paid off as I was given a 10% voucher for my next visit to burgerlab! =D
And after about 30 minutes wait...the burger are ready to be served!
 Mini Chicken Swisstake by my Burgerlab!
Chicken breast, swiss cheese with assorted mushroom!
The chicken patty was so juicy the taste just come bursting out! This is actually my first time trying a chicken burger from my burgerlab and it went beyond my expectation! Absolutely scrumptious!
 When I got my burger I turned back and..woah, the line...
 NBrew Nitrogen Ice-Cream! Wanted to try this but my stomach doesn't allow it...
 At about 6pm, the crowd got crazier and I couldn't use my 3G well due to the overly high traffic voloume so I decided to hang around the podium area, and
Yep! I won myself a worthy book worth RM29! ;) :)
Can't believe my luck! :D I was actually planning to buy one as it is only selling at RM25 on that day! But yayyy I get to save RM25 ! =D And perhaps spend the RM25 on more foood 
 Canon Food Photography Talk by Mr Bryan Chong!
Mr Bryan said it is best to take food photos in portrait mode, not landscape
I'm burning with passion & spirit to improve my photography skill!

Halfway through Mr Brian's talk, I received a phone call from Jeanette!
Apparently she's at Sunway and is coming to the FoodFest! =D
So I lined up at my burgerlab stall again! (wonder if it is legal? =P) and our timing was just nice, as burgerlab started serving their second burger on the menu!
The Waterballoon- Smashed Beef Patty, cheddar crisp, cheese, longan & watermellon !
I didn't get to try this, as I was really too full, so I gave it to Jeanette and her mum instead =)
We were lining up for more food and then my mum called to pick me up =(
So we went to the photo booth!
Props available!
And we got a photo for RM1 only =)!

And guess what?  I won a my burgerlab fan t-shirt! By playing Scissors Paper Stone ! (Not to mention loosing twice to the friendly staffs who gave me three chances xD)
The T-shirt is made out of 100% cotton so it was really comfy! Thank you my Burgerlab for your generosity! =)
My loot from NNFoodFest! =)

I was kinda sad, as I didn't get to try out lots of food due to my stomach capacity reaching its limit. Most of my friends couldn't make it to this event due to our upcoming finals in A Level so I'm forced to finish all the food by myself boohoo
Hope to visit again next year =)

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