Friday, 11 October 2013

My Burgerlab, Sea Park! 2nd Visit!

Post regarding first visit HERE

Exam Mari, Stress Makan, Mari Makan

Guan Ren:"I feel like eating burgerlab..."
And the day after that, I grabbed my burgerlab fans T-shirt and off we go to burgerlab :D 
Burgerlab! After braving through the rush hour jam and confusing roads of PJ and also the parking woes in Sea Park, we (finally!) arrived at burgerlab around 5.20pm ! The crowd was still tame at that time, luckily
We wanted to try out their new burger, pay day (refer to their FB page), but unfortunately it was still in Beta =( so I decided to settle for Sloppy Bella, and Guan Ren went for the Chicken and Egg Dilemma.

Thank Q my burgerlab for the give away during NNFoodFest! =) 
Ya know, my eyes actually looks bigger with glasses LOL
okay enough with the shameless selfies :P
Chicken & Egg Dilemma ala carte RM15.50
Fried battered chicken, eggcellent egg salad & cheddar sandwiched between a delectable soft & fluffy charcoal bun
The battered fried chicken was fried till perfection. Flavours come bursting out as I sink my teeth into the tender & succulent chicken. The eggcellent egg salad was superb! It moisture the burger, giving it a tangy & creamy taste.
However, both Guan Ren and I both agree that burgerlab's beef burger is still the best. Their chicken patty burger is really decent, but Guan Ren said he'd only go for beef next time =)
Sloppy Bella RM15 + Small side of Fries (RM4)
Fried Portobello Mushroom, Swiss Cheese and Chicken Sloppy Joe
WARNING- Sloppy Bella is a really messy burger, as the name suggested. The creamy, mouth-watering sauce with mince chicken infuses with the swiss cheese just come oozing out as I embrace the burger. The sauce ended up dripping all over my tray, creating a mess =B  The gigantic Portobello mushroom was really juicy too! The mushroom "juice" come squirting out when I took a bite out of it.

Fries + Dipping Sauce
You can never go to burger lab without ordering their fries. NEVER. These thick yet fluffy fries are seasoned with a dash of salt & pepper and rosemary. REALLY ADDICTIVE! Extra credit is given to their special in-house dipping sauce. We asked for extra as it was too addictive and we can't stop dipping our fries in it! =p

Craving satisfied! Now I have more energy to face my upcoming AS finals! =D
Thank you, Guan Ren once again, despite having your law paper this week =)

my BurgerLab
No.14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark,
46300, PJ Selangor, MY.
Business hours: 5pm – 10.15pm (Closed on Monday)
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