Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mekong House, Syopz Mall Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

Taylor's University Lakeside Campus. The only university in Malaysia that has a shopping mall...
Anyways, being a Taylor's (college) student, we are granted full excess to any Taylor's group property (Lakeside and Sri Hartamas). Taylor's University in an exception though, their library and shopping mall is open to the public

On Sunday, a few high school friends and I planned to meet up as one of us, Genieve, will be leaving to Russia to pursue her study in medicine on Monday. We decided to meet up at Taylor's University because
1. It has a beautiful scenery
2. It is located near Puchong and Subang, where we live
3. Guan Ren and I can study together after our girly gathering
4. One of our friend, Carmen, who is pursuing her foundation in Taylor's Lakeside has to complete her assignment on that day

We asked Carmen to recommend us some good food at Syopz (honestly, I wonder what does the students that studies here eat every day. The choices are really limited) and she brought us to Mekong House, a Vietnamese food restaurant.
 Young Coconut- RM6.90
This was Genieve's order. She was sipping and digging out the young coconut flesh happily so I assume it's good.
 Mango Milkshake RM7.90
The milkshake was really refreshing. A perfect drink on a warm, humid day =) The mango taste was really strong and subtle, definitely not a cordial drink!  *thumbs up!*
 Fried Water Spinach & Prawn Mango Salad RM8.90
Shredded pickled cucumber, deep fried battered water spinach (better known as kangkung in Malaysia) & prawn drenched in a refreshing sweet & sour sesame dressing
Carmen said she ordered this dish for sharing & she claim that it is impossible for her to finish it on her own. I'd refute that =p I don't mind having the whole dish by myself. The deep fried water spinach was so crispy and addictive! The pickled cucumber, on the other hand was really refreshing, it acts as a perfect respite from the deep fried water spinach. The sweet and sour sesame dressing really opened our appetite too! This dish is definitely recommended!
  Angry Chicken RM6.90
Deep Fried Quail Egg & Mince meat coated with bread crumbs
I was attracted to the illustration on the menu so I decided to order this. Cute isn't it? =D
It tasted not bad :D The "chicken" was really crunchy on the outside, tender in the inside. It goes reall well with the spicy chilli sauce :)

The environment was quite romantic, with low dim light and a cosy interior, and the location just next to the lake.  Price wise, I think it is a little too steep for students. But I guess that's the standard price around that area.

After that we went to the lakeside to snap a few shot
<3 Love thsi shot
The (tall) Pei Qi & Genieve!


Genieve & our pretty future architecture Carmen!

Really sad that Genieve is flying off to Russia =( She's been my makan buddy and coffee kaki since form 2 (back before those dating days ahahaha).I'm really gonna miss her =(

Mekong House
LG 2-5
Taylor's University Lakeside Campus
No 1 Jalan Taylor's
47500 Subang Jaya ,Selangor
Tel : +603 - 5631 6617

Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday : 3.00pm - 10.00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10.00am - 10.00pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mekong-House-Restaurant-Syopz/230753946971004
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