Monday, 14 October 2013

K.T.Z. Peanut Cream Soup, SS2 (Take Away)

 Last Saturday, I was experiencing acid reflux. My stomach was literally killing me due to indigestion. I stayed home and was forced to forgo dinner with my family =(

To my surprise, my mum dapau-ed my favourite Chinese dessert- PEANUT CREAM SOUP, from the renowned Kei Tak Sek Dessert Shop @ SS2! =d Thanks mum you're the best! =)
 I'm sure most of you are familiar of this dessert shop- Kei Tak Sek (Translation: Remember to eat) Dessert Shop at SS2 (Main Branch at Kepong). This little dessert shop is always packed with people, full to the brim and their best sellers are often sold out by 9.30pm.
 Peanut Cream Soup
The texture- Looks smooth and creamy
Looks can be very deceiving. The peanut cream soup is really thick, but it was rather tasteless, bland and mediocre. There was no peanut taste at all. It felt as if the peanut cream soup was thickened by adding corn starch in it. =S It was really disappointing =(

The quality of the dessert at KTZ has definitely decline over the years =( Foreign workers were seen serving customers and preparing dessert in the kitchen, according to my parents. Guess I'll have to look for other alternatives next time.

KTZ 记得食 Food Restaurant
No.22, Jalan SS2/63,
47300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-78772499.
Operating Hours: Daily (12pm-1am)

On another hand.

I received a special delivery from Guan Ren on Saturday too- MY FAVOURITE POPIAH! :D Thanks Guan Ren =)
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