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Ichi Zen, First Subang (Formally known as Edo Ichi)

I have been blogging about Japanese food quite frequent recently. Well, to those of you who don't know, I am a Japan addict (Refer to my about me page). I love everything about Japan, and yes that includes JAPANESE FOOD.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to have Japanese food every single day. Only on special occasions like anniversary or birthday celebration.

My relative came all the way from Ipoh to KL last weekend. Ipoh, my hometown. That'd explain my love towards food B). My whole family LOVES FOOD. In my family, we have this tradition to eat out together whenever our relative drop by for a visit. And yes, that alone is a good excuse to have Japanese food.
ICHI ZEN JAPANESE RESTAURANT. Many claim that Ichi Zen serves the best Japanese food in Subang Jaya. Well then, continue to read on if you'd like to know the answer!

 My uncle is a VIP customer here. He often have his business lunch/dinner with his Japanese counterparts at this restaurant. There was even a period where my uncle family dined in here EVERY SINGLE DAY because their maid left and no one has the time to prepare dinner at home.
Soooo, we got a VIP room, and received VIP treatment throughout the whole night at Ichi Zen! ;)

Ichi Zen adapted the izakaya dining concept. There's a bar displaying an array of alcohol such as sake , umeshu, beer and wine and also the conventional sushi conveyor belt.

We had a really hard time picking out what to order. Their menu is simply too extensive @@ hahaha.

And because this was a family dinner, I did not retrieve the receipt thus the name and pricing here is my rough estimation from my vague memory
Fruit Juice was on a BUY 1 FREE 1 PROMOTION on that night! =D (or was it my uncle's VIP treatment..? hmmmm)
Apple Juice! Really lovely and refreshing!
 Orange Juice!
The fruit juice here are  MUST-ORDER!Why? Because Ichi Zen uses FRESH, REAL FRUITS, without any preservative and addicives!
How do I know? Well, the colour of the apple juice changed from green to brown after half an hour. This shows that the oxidation process has taken place in the juice, apple contains the ion, Fe2+....blablabla this okay lets move on ;) This science student is having her AS examination now so my mind can be a little boggled up.
Ichi Zen is really a 6 star Japanese Restaurant. The ambient was attractive and elegant. The waiters were also pretty attentive, and they kept checking on us, making sure we were comfortable (asking us whether the room was at the right temperature, whether we need a refill of ocha) Look, even their wasabi was really well presented! 
Ebiko (prawn roe) and ebi (shrimp) salad
We were given a choice of three different dressing to choose from and we picked the goma (sesame) dressing. The prawns were succulent and fresh.I really enjoyed the salad . I prefer Japanese salad dressing over calorie nightmare western salad dressing such as Thousand Island :P
Soft Kani Karaage To Shake Kawa Sarada (RM20) Translation: Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Skin Salad
We choose the Goma dressing too for this salad. I think both salad are superb! But personally I prefer this salad more than the latter as the deep fried salmon skin and soft shell crab gives it an extra crunch which was really addictive! *Fried Food Junkies*
California Roll
Crunchy cucumber, tamago (egg) and crab stick rolled together with fluffy japanese rice and wakame (seaweed), topped with generous amount of ebiko
The ebiko burst in my mouth

Shake Mayo Mentai Roll
I love this sushi  the most! Japanese cucumber, crab stick and tamago (egg) rolled together with sushi rice and crunchy seaweed, topped with a slice of smoked salmon and their special mayo cheese sauce with a small piece of crispy salmon skin on top.  Their special mayo cheese sauce was slightly burnt on top to enhance the taste.

Surume Ika Sugata Yaki (RM20)
Translation : Grilled Squid
The squid has an aromatic grilled taste. However, the texture is a little too rubbery to my liking. My family really enjoyed this dish though.

Grilled Pork Belly
The pork has the right proportion of fats and lean meat. So tender and succulent! The meat was well marinated, and complemented the dish perfectly! This dish is best eaten with some pipping hot & fluffy Japanese rice.
Grilled Scallop on a bed of Mushroom
The mushroom was sauteed with garlic, thus it has a strong yet aromatic garlic taste which goes very well with the big, fat, juicy scallops. Flavours come bursting out when I took a bite off the scallop
Seafood Fried Rice
The fried rice was really fragrant! Each bite of the pipping hot rice just calls for more- The aromatic garlic smell, the fresh spring onion taste, paired up with the soft and fluffy rice, which had some soy sauce seasoning, further spiced up with the generous amount of seafood (Prawn & squid) in it. The taste is simply divine. A Must-try!  
Beef Udon
Udon topped with sliced beef, naruto, wakame (seaweed) in a shyu (Japanese Soy Sauce) broth 
The udon noodle was really springy and Q! The broth was really flavourful too! But somehow I prefer the udon in No Reservation Japanese Fast Food Cafe located nearby.

Nabeyaki (Hot pot) Udon wih Tenpura (Vegatables/Seafood Fritters)
The broth was really flavourful and memorable, and the runny egg added into it further enhanced the tasty broth!
Their Tenpura. I didn't get to try this so I can't give any comments
Each Teishouku comes with a miso soup, a bowl of rice and a chawanmushi (steamed egg topped with Naruto)
This Chawanmushi is something to take note off. THIS IS THE BEST CHAWANMUSHI I HAD EVER TRIED IN MY WHOLE LIFE!
The texture is sooooo smooth & fluffy! Each bite was pleasant. I felt like as if I am eating Tao Foo Fah as it is really very smooth beyond description! You have to try it out yourself to know how does it feel like ;)

Salmon and Sashimi Set
Teppanyaki Salmon, Sashimi (White Tuna, Red Tuna and Salmon), Salmon Flakes, Pickled Plums, Shredded White Cabbage Salad, Miso Soup and Watermelon
The Salmon was well marinated and grilled to perfection. I really liked the salmon flake. So flavourful and delightful! I remember having this in my onigiri (rice ball) when I visited Japan last year. Glad to be able to eat it again =)
The sashimi was staggeringly fresh. It was so fresh I could even feel the ocean. LOL, OKAY JOKES ASIDE. But honestly, the sashimi here are as fresh as the ones I had in Tsukiji Market, Tokyo ;)
After my visit to Japan last year, I had been really skeptical towards Malaysia's Japanese Food. Turns out Ichi Zen and No Reservation has proved me wrong!
Saba (mackerel) and Sashimi Set
Saba, pickled plums, fruits, salmon flakes, white cabbage salad, sashimi, rice, miso soup and chawan mushi
I didn't get to try this too but according to my relatives this one is real good =)

After our meal, it is DESSERT TIME! The manager said that ice-cream is on Buy 1 Free 1 Promo so we decided to order 6 scoops of ice-cream and requested for 9 spoons (#cheapskate hahaha)
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Yuzu flavour
Then another waiter came in , and he started pilling bowls of ice-cream on our table...O.O...

We asked the waiter if there was any mistake. The manager walked in at that moment, and exclaim that the ice-cream is ON THE HOUSE! =D =D =D
We got 13 scoops of ice-cream in total! Matcha (green tea) , Black Sesame, Honey Dew...I think we tried out ALL the ice-cream in the menu heh =B Thank you Manager-san! :D

Goma- This topples all flavour and snagged the best ice-cream flavour award @ Ichi Zen. This aromatic nutty ice-cream has a really smooth and creamy body, and a distinct aromatic roasted sesame taste. We were all fighting to get the sesame flavour ice-cream haha!
Matcha- This one has a distinct green tea taste with a hint of bitterness. I really liked it as it serves as a good respite from all the other sweet ice-cream
Strawberry- It was pretty decent and creamy, but nothing much to shout about
Vanilla- Very milky and creamy. Yummy!
Yuzu- There were traces of tangerine fibres on the ice-cream but the ice-cream still maintains its smooth and creamy texture. I don't really fancy tangerines so I'd miss this one =P
Chocolate- The chocolate flavour somehow seems to be lacking in chocolate-y flavour

The total bill came off about RM400 for 9 pax. I'd say that it is pretty worth it, with the excellent quality of the food and welcoming service =)

Ichi Zen (Formally known as Edo Ichi)
G-03, G-03A, G-05 & G-28, 
First Subang Mall, 
Jalan SS15/4G, 
Subang Jaya, 47650
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